Living in Twydall, Gillingham, Kent
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Kent, South East, United Kingdom

Twydall is located between the towns of Gillingham and Rainham and is a delightfull place to visit, but not when you’re on your own. It has an extremely large population of chav’s who believe in the old addage of ‘strength in numbers’ and ‘a life without a bottle of white lightening and a fag is not worth living’. You will find this ‘special’ breed of chavs mainly around the cluster of shops known, imaginatively, as Twydall shops mainly on the wall outside the public toilets and outside spar, drinking heavily and trying to throw each other in front of traffic ‘for a laugh (if you happen to have a twydall chav land on your bonnet NEVER attempt to stop and help them as this is their most cunning mugging ploy to date, drive on and you’ll only have lost your windscreen wipers).

A place of interest in Twydall shops is The Engineers Public house, a quaint pub with a very hostile family enviroment. viewed from outside you will see groups of older, fake id carrying, chav’s drinking large quantities of cheap lager bought from spar and tipped into used beer glasses. Half of said chavs will be smoking (normally tobacco, or lambert and butler if they’ve ripped off someone earlier) the other half will be frantically shouting ‘SCOOBS ON THAT SON’ (translated as ‘please may i half half of that ciggarette as i am broke and live in a hovel’) there will also be a variety of mini-chav’s running around shouting, fighting for fag butts, stealing dvds from blockbusters mini drop and being beaten by their parents.

Inside the Engineers you are greeted with a choice of two sides of which to enjoy your final beverage the old half and the young half. DO NOT ENTER THE YOUNG HALF as the old half you can run from as they are slow and disabled (often from fights when they were young chavs).

If you decide you need to leave The Engineers of your own free will do not be tempted to leave via the back door as this leads into a warren of alleyways that are prime mugging grounds for large groups of chap hat wearing, cheaper tracksuit chavs.

Another place of interest is Beechings way field. Here you will encounter delightfull characters with imaginative nick names such as ‘Dirge, Titch, Shag, Mo and smiths. You will find them drinking their white lightening and talking loudely about the effects they had whilst doing various drugs they have not even seen, never mind tried. But beware, they may look friendly, Shouting quaint phrases like ‘Cum ere you cant’ or ‘I’m gonna facking butcher you’ but the likelyhood is you might be chased and beaten violently (maybe have your valuables removed if one of them has that particularly bright idea). Whan running from such an attack never be tempted to vacate your person to one of the delightfull needle and glass strewn alleyways as you are in fact being ‘herded’ to an even larger group of chavs. THIS DOES HAPPEN!! The nightlife is also superior in Twydall with many intresting events such as “Run for your life”, “Hide and seek”, “Whose knife is this?”, “Murder in the park” and a new twist on an old game “Mugopoly”. The chavs can be found breeding behind the church and on a friday night it is possible to join in, and dont worry about getting the chavette pregnant as she will never know which one did it.

On most Saturdays the population can be found migrating towards The Ice Bowl where free blades are handed out!! A fun time is guranteed to be had if visiting then!

So if you are now interested in visiting this vibrant and exciting town than buses run from Chatham every day at various times and you want the one that says Twydall. Oh and dont worry about a return once you enter you may never leave!! Have Fun!

  • tywdall-girl

    I really don’t agree with this. I’ve lived on the outskirts of Twydall for most of my life, except for a stint in Gillingham proper and a couple of other UK cities. My time in Gillingham was hell on earth – two murders down my road within a matter of months, druggies everywhere… yes, of course, lovely normal people too… but no, not for me thanks. I deliberately moved back to Twydall because you can walk around the roads late at night without any fear whatsoever. There are some lovely houses in Eastcourt lane, Twydall lane, Featherby Road and in the surrounding areas. People take pride in their gardens and keep their homes looking respectable. Considering it was one of the biggest council estates in the UK, it doesn’t have that feel at all. Yes, you get a few idiots (mostly 10 year old smokers) around the shops but they aren’t threatening and really just keep themselves to the shops or maybe the parks too but I wouldn’t know about that as I’m too old for white lightening. Still I’m pretty sure this standard fare for most parks and shopping precincts and isn’t just Twydall. I don’t know of much crime that goes on at all. People are decent and friendly. It’s no where near on par with Chatham or Gillingham High Street for the ‘characters’ you see out and about. Twydall’s actually something people should be able to take pride in. It’s provided decent, good-sized home for countless council tenants since it was first developed, many of whom were able to buy their homes and build upon them. It’s now an extremely well sought after area for people to buy homes in – particularly for people who want to live in a decent-sized house with a nice garden and not a shoebox new-build (part of the reason I moved back). We’re lucky to live near the Country Park and how many other towns can say they’ve got an ice rink? It’s quite juvenile to be so down on Twydall and really this is just completely unqualified class snobbery that doesn’t actually reflect how the place is today.

  • Barry Hames

    lol hahahhaaha I don’t agree maybe you people moaning are just pussies ive lived in twydall my hole life

  • Ray Graham

    I was one of the original Twydall Gang who moved to the area in 1952 and roamed the estate in the early sixties meeting at the old bus shelter. We were little sh*ts with our motor bikes and motor scooters and showed very little respect for local residents and law and order, but somehow we knew where to draw the line (just) and most of us grew up to be responsible parents even after serving a sentence in Borstal or a detention centre. We were rude and sometimes got into punch ups but we had no desire to maim or kill nor become little cretins wearing hoods. I regret my behaviour and although I live well away from the area I have some fond memories and I would love to advise and help the existing residents on how to hang a 21st century hoody rather than ‘hug a hoody’ as our dear David Cameron would like us to! God Bless you All!

  • JezzyJezzington

    I live in Gillingham and I’m going to be honest, you’re right about the people but not what they do, my Nan has lived in twydall for over 30 years, visiting the shops at least twice a week, and never has she seen a shocking act occur because she would have moved far away if this did happen. Also I have spent a lot of time walking through Twydall shops at night just to get to the bus stop, there is a large number of chavs, and in the areas you described, but they don’t do anything, if you’re unlucky you’ll get an odd comment like “Dick’ead” but that’s about it, you won’t get stabbed unless you’re an utter pillock and randomly shout at the numerous chavs. So sit down and stop exaggerating because all you’re doing is spreading bullsh*t

  • Fatiha

    I have visited Twydall a weekend every month for a year and a half now to visit my boyfriend. I’m French, living in Paris.
    I like it because there isnt much excitment to it, and when you come from a big vibrant city like Paris, it is very relaxing and easy.
    It is a simple neat little town. You got everything you need on a local level.
    I don’t want to live there though, but I like it for a small period of time.
    I like the surroundings, little towns and villages.

  • I lived on the outskirtsof Twydall for over 40 years and shopped in Twydall almost every weekend. The only trouble i had was parking on a double yellow lines and got a parking ticket. this story is only a tale someone has exaggerated out of all proportion. (Dick Head )

    • escaped from gillingham

      Oh for gods sake please stop pretending that twydall is anyway nice its a sh*thole.
      it was and is the lowest scum hole around save gillingham and Chatham.

      there are a few decent people of whom you have mentioned but it is as the post says full of scum and i know what im talking about i lived above the shops.

      seriously doubt anyone sticking up for it has seen a better place or gone out at night there.

      gillingham as a whole should have all chav scum lined up and shot, they are drain on society and my taxes.

      hey 10 kids and 31k a year fat slob ! not rare there.

      • simpo

        I agree with Broomstickrider, I have lived in Twydall for 45 years. I moved here when I was two. I agree we have had some forms off trouble over that time, but in general it is one of the nicer places in Medway, Most people look after their properties well and there is no where near the amount of trouble that some insist there was/is. I agree it is not as nice as it was 20 years ago, but then where is.

  • BorderCollieBabe

    I agress with chloe too!!!
    Ive lived in twydall for the past 35 years always lived in the same road very respectable and freindly people who you get to know and well mostly know till you get old and grow up with their children, I dont think it is a chavy place to live in as i think its more better then Chatham thats were the chavs are.
    But i might be wrong i think Twydall is a nice place to live in and im hoping to stay here for a long time lucky for me tho get to view the river medway lovely walks along but riverside county park get to know people again very friendly not stuck up.

  • Denis

    I was born and bred in Twydall and was 23 when I married and moved to Rochester, but I visit the area still. I am now 57 years old and agree with Ray O’Connor, the twat that wrote the original statement is a f**king numpty and obviously has never been to Twydall. By the way, the Enginneer’s has shut down as has the Hop and Vine at Rainham Mark. I used to drink in the Dewdrop and have seen it renovated over the years but it will never be as good as when Jan and Dave ran it.

  • lmao

  • i cant believe what im reading, my nans lived there for over 75 years, i lived in gillingham and twydall for 40 years and it aint changed a bit, who ever that twat is, needs to get facts not f**king fiction, i use to drink in the engineers pub and the dew drop, and my nan use to run the nye bevan for years and she use to walk home after and never had no trouble and still dont,

  • Chloe



  • Neil

    popping down in aug. cantr wait to meet the local youth, ha ha ha. numpties

  • Madison

    I’d just like to point out ‘old boy’, that your spelling is just as appalling as everyone elses comments.

    grammer? deffence?

    I’m pretty sure when I studied English it was grammar, and defence.

  • Madison

    I completely disagree with this entire statement. I’ve lived in Twydall for the past ten years, and have not once experienced any violence or the youth drinking culture detailed above.
    Twydal is also not an estate, it is a town. There are sections of council houses, however these are mixed among large areas of extreme wealth, with some houses in Tywdall costing half a million pounds.

    Twydall infant and junior schools are two of the best schools in Kent, not statistically but with their approach to learning and the children that attend the school. The school is extremely diverse, with it’s mixture of classes and children of all disabilities, yet it really is one of the most pleasant schools you will visit.

    I live next to a large group of extremely elderly people, all of which happily walk into the areas of which the pub is situated, and all of which are extremely welcome members of the community and are often seen walking around with such ‘youths’ helping them.

    This is a completely biased review of the town, and has no basis what so ever.

    • Midget

      I really think you are mistaken Maddy… I have also lived in ‘Twiddle’ a long time and it’s not far from the truth. It’s only a joke anyway… Setlle, Petal

  • old boy

    All one needs to do is read the response’s from those that live in Twydall . It clearly show’s what type of people live or have lived there.Sue you claim you never had any trouble stating that your brothers where well know i take it you meant they ruled the roost because they were the local hardnut’s that sort of back’s up why this page was set up really. I lived in Gillingham and in my 43 year’s of living here i know of all the trouble that went on and still goes on there. Why do you think the government dropped stamp duty on house’s in Twydall to try and encourage people to move to a deprived area no thanks you can keep Twydall. Clearly some of you that have written your response’s in deffence of Twydall need to get your spell check’s out oh checking your Grammer out my help also

  • old boy

    Being of older blood i know of the problem’s with twydall and it’s litlle band of hoodie wearing little bastards who think their so hard and so cool, atleast 3/4’s of the population of twydall are uneducated dole dossing scrounger’s and thieves, they think nothing of trashing other people’s property for laugh’s. They have no respect for other people but they demand respect from other’s only because they can with 15 of their mate’s behind them. Get them on their own and they would sh*t themselve’s if confronted so i would agree 100% with the guy who wrote about twydall and it’s low life. Its never going to be top of the tourist panflet’s on place’e to visit more likely it’s top of the place’s to avoid what they should do is nuke the place and its inhabitants but as ive just been informed (c**kroaches it’s inhabitants ) would probably survive shame really gillingham and rainham would be so much better without TWYDALL in between

  • Bow_Tip

    Well judging from the comments by the moronic chavs, I have to say that after force reading one or two until I became too sick to carry on, I can’t help but notice the poor spelling and really interlectual content .

    Before you can leave comments on this site you have to do a little sum, to make sure your ‘human’

    How did they manage that?

    • Tandra

      I think you meant ‘you’re’. Before you preach of spelling and grammar, it may be wise to ensure you use it correctly yourself. Just saying.

  • Mick

    I have lived in Twydall all my life … I’m 48 and have never seen anything here you don’t get anywere else in the UK … Just come for a visit and don’t let that PLEB put you off.