Living in Bristol

Bristol: A battle between hipster and chav

The estates surrounding Bristol are looking more and more like the bad parts of Mogadishu.

Living in Wells, Somerset

Wells – Posh veneer, chav underbelly

Remember the film Hot Fuzz? That was filmed in Wells and my god, have they hung on to the coat tails of the 'comedy' for the past ten years.

Living in Yeovil

Yeovil, Chavtopia ten years later- the final chavter

Quite frankly, I would rather eat my own pubic hair than live in Yeovil once more.

Living in Minehead, Somerset

Minehead, Grockels come to here to paddle their hairy toes in the sea

Grockels come to Somerset to get drunk, get crap tattoos, paddle their hairy toes in the seas & complain about tractors & the smell of cows.

Living in Chard, Somerset

Chard, the houses remind me of Cambridge… if it had been bombed

All the houses in Chard are grotty ex council, that they sold on because they were ashamed to own such disgusting, dilapidated hovels.