Living in Eastbourne

Eastbourne: God is ignoring this waiting room…

Eastbourne, Eastbourne...where to start? Stinky, skanky, utterly without charm. No good shops and a disproportionately high numbers of OAPs.

5 towns in the South East worse than Hastings

5 towns in the South East that are worse than Hastings

Think of Hastings as a grotty, run-down seaside town? Here are 5 places in the SE that are a lot worse, that you don't know about.

Moving to Hastings, East Sussex

Hastings – A run down seaside ghetto

In Hastings, If you're a teenage mother or you own a Corsa and pointlessly drive it around the town, you'll fit in just fine!

Living in Sidley, East Sussex

Sidley is a dingleberry hanging off Bexhill’s scummy backside

Ah, Sidley. What would we do without you? I know. We'd save the government about £10 million a year in Income Support and Jobseeker's Allowance.