Living in Northampton, Northamptonshire
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in East Midlands, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

Poor old Nobhampton! When I was growing up in the late seventies, it was believe it or not, quite an interesting town to live in, it had a healthy punk scene, loads of gigs, good record and clothes shops etc. Don’t get me wrong, the toned-down Chav equivalent existed even then, we called them ‘Yampi’s’ after a Punk fanzine from Coventry that took the piss out of them. Then, their uniform was usually this: half-grown moustache, burgundy cardigan, wedge haircut, tats, menacing stare, and an absolute necessity, the ability to talk out of the corner of the mouth whilst smoking a ‘bacca’ – to make them look as ‘ard as f*ck, me ol’ beauty’.

Northampton is now like any other town in the UK, characterless and overflowing with chavs/nobs and ugly jobless Eastern Europeans. Any atmosphere that may have been generated by the presence of traffic in the town centre has been taken over by the ‘shopping precinct effect’. This is created by a group of town planners, whose only planning brief must have been: ‘ Urgent: Please make town centre look as s**t and ugly as possible’.

Nobhampton has an overabundance of chavs because of its previous history as a boot and shoe town with hundreds of factories. These are now mostly gone, but were the workplaces of many a chav father or grandfather. This is where the Northampton chav learnt how to speak from the side of his mouth – a device used for making oneself audible above the noise of machinery.

I don’t know if anyone else has smacked a chav but it really is a nice feeling….go on have a go! (although the Editor must point out that we at iLiveHere recommend that you don’t ‘smack’ anyone as it’s against the law). These scum are exactly that, nobody’s. There’s nothing hard about them, they’re just spineless weedy scum, don’t let yourself be intimidated by some gormless piece of sh*t from Thorplands whose seen a Public Enemy video and thinks he’s tough!

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  • Big Dave Mackintosh

    Northampton is sexy.

  • S Jones

    Yes,well,it seems to me that the ‘non-chavs’ are just as bad.

    Tedious bores who live in villages such as Duston and Harpole, who understand nothing of how the world functions and get their ‘information’ from the DailyExpress and Mail.

    There is no culture whatsoever. The town’s MP sells off the museum artifacts.

    And like every other bland, boring town it actually has what is called a ‘culture quarter’,not only bereft of originality of name but also any culture whatsoever.

  • diana

    your reports are always the same. I think you are a very unhappy person.

  • Liamj

    Load a sh*te… Northampton is nice. How would you cope in ANY city in england if this is how you perceive northampton…man up

  • Mizhou

    Northampton has the good and the bad. I moved here from china four years ago and the first week we came here I went to take a photograph on the eastfield park and I got mugged and my camera was smashed. Some people are good people, I learned Kung fu here for three years now and I haven’t had much hassle since. The occasional rowdy chav wants to fight now and then but other than that it is quiet.

    • Phil Grundy

      Goldings Blackthorne and sixfields are the worst areas. I live in the Town Centre and had a bit of trouble to start with but after clapping a couple of idiots around the head a few times in public I now get left alone. I’m happy to say i’m moving out of this shitty town soon after 7 years living here and good riddance.

  • In one word if you have money wtf would you stay in northampton twined with
    Warsaw ,sophia, and buchearest, personally im working on a cunning plan to
    Get the hell out of dodge , any one who is thinking of moving here dont ffs , if one
    Person reads this and takes notice then im happy . Ps not the fenlands either ie
    Peterborings lol….

  • Aimee

    Can anyone advise me on which areas of Northampton are bad? I’m looking to move there from ‘Chavtastic’ Hemel Hempstead due to property prices. I’m looking at Duston, Watermead and Kingsthorpe… Any comments or advice would be much appreciated.. as I have 3 young children under the age of 10 and dont want to take them anywhere awful….Hemel hempstead is bad enough 🙂

  • Not Winsford

    Been there twice, never again.

    Bad, bad sh*thole. It’s like the arsehole of England.

  • Gavin

    Northampton is a good town and good night life and down to earth people, but as every large town has Chaves live there.

    Been to Sol Central, which is a large lesure develpment, but the chves have runied it. The large water feacher has been turned off as they kept p*ssing in it.

    When walking back to the car, we have been followed by some chaves, who where probably hoping that we walked as they wanted some one to fight, but luckaly I had drove, and the car park is cover by CCTV. So they just watched us drive off.

    I now use the out of town cinma as I never get any trouble there, probably as there cars have been crushed by the police, for having no tax or insurance!

  • OddBilly

    Plenty of eastern district scum at my secondary school, I remember they all wore those crap market stall sports socks that stopped just below the ankle and had two dark rings around the top and a sh*t logo on the side…anyone who wore proper, good quality towelling socks (the norm in those days) was “duff” or “a poor do”…silly little twats 🙂