Moving to Hastings, East Sussex
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in East Sussex, South East, United Kingdom

Now where do I start, this s******e is basically infested with chavs. If you’re a teenage mother in this town, you’ll fit in just fine! If you own a Corsa and pointlessly drive it around the town, you’ll fit in just fine!

During the day you may find a few wannabe chavs, but after sunset out they come, infesting the town center with chav disease, starting fights with random innocent people. Where did they all suddenly come from Farley Skank, Malvern Way and Hollington all of which should be demolished and replaced by something that actually benefits the town.

Walk around the skank, ore and Hollington and you should see plenty of 15 year old mothers pushing their prams around, wearing her pink tracksuit with hooped earrings that has the same diameter as the moon. The males are normally found anywhere in town in their shitty Corsa’s, which have had stickers stuck onto the rear window, to make it look “cool”, happy hardcore, rap and dizzee rascal playing just completes the car look and feel.

The schools in the area are failing quite miserably because of the scum of the universe, shitholes such as Grove and Hillcrest being the two worst schools in the South East, with Hillcrest having a long rivalry with the blazer wearing William Parker students, most likely through jealousy that most students parents at Parker actually own their house.

Hastings, the place everyone wants to live…i mean avoid!

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  • Darwin

    Rubbish. I live in Hastings and it’s a great place.

  • FEH

    I love Hastings! Admittedly, I moved down from the cheapest scuzziest part of London (Manor Park in Newham). It’s a huge relief to be out of London. The people are friendly and I live between the beautiful Old Town and the gorgeous Country Park. There is so much greenery. There are festivals, good restaurants, plenty of live music, amazing architecture, sea air, brilliant parks, interesting fishing fleet and fresh fish, plenty of art, artists and bohemian types. Yet the place is affordable and surrounded by attractive (and expensive) villages and countryside. Of course, there are some negatives … a lot of “vulnerable” families were dumped on Hastings from London, and many of the glorious all villas and hotels need some TLC. But I am very, very happy here – ten zillion times better here than East London.

    • Mike

      I Moved from North London and bought a house in Hastings with my family. I Love it here too, yes there are good and bad areas in Hastings but you get that in any town, cant even be compared with bad areas in London. Hastings is a vibrant on the up place to live full of musicians, Artists and other creative like minded people. The university provides the best media courses in the country, The pier is getting regenerated after years, a possible fast rail link to London is in the pipeline, The A21 link road to Hastings is getting widened and building work is happening on every corner. The only problem is, it runs the risk of losing its charming character if more people move here.

  • Hayley

    It should be added onto the government travel advice website for an area to avoid. I live in St leonards on Sea too close to Hastings and hope to get away as soon as I can. Have lived here for 7 years and that is way too long. Every visit out of my house I feel like I have to disinfect myself when I get home.

  • ddd

    i like hastings! like a few people i’ve moved here from london. this is going to sound cruel: but if you want less chavs then you want more incomers like me who will drive up house prices, and persuade them to do a right-to-buy and head out to dover or anywhere cheaper.

  • Seriously?

    You all have no argument to fight here if the best you can do is point out peoples spelling and punctuation

    to prove this point im not going to use any and i may not even string propper sentences together so all you “Well educated” people can pick at that insted of any valid point i should make

    some of the things i have read here made me laugh i work at night in hastings most days not till 1-2am and i work in the TOWN CENTER the no go area im suprised im still here to tell my story

    is anybody else suprised i havent been stabbed by a pink mister blobby looking chav girl with her buggy

    hastings is a lovely place with a large number of decent people but like EVERY town in the uk there is good and bad

    the storys i have seen here are clearly dramatised to make hastings look worse than it is there are benifit seekers and imigrants and even ex prisoners and its the goverment that send them here if they have nowhere else to go maybe people should look at them before blaming hastings and the people who were born and bred here

    as for the car park for art gallery argument

    open ur mind and look at why the resedents would of protested against that?

    it was not a carpark it was a coach park that bought allot of people to this town but no they put a art gallery in its place that DOES NOT show art from hastings so why the hell would we want it there?

    they moved the coach park right up by the police station so people like u can see the scum of this town as you all turn up

    you all need to grow up and think about what your saying exsperiance time in hastings then make ur mind up dont come online and lie and dramatise it to make yourselfs feel better because u came to hastings and survived

    • Barry

      Born there back in 65 the town was going no where then and still ain’t it’s got worse I moved overseas in 2005 but when i do go back to vist To vist family can’t wait to leave . The council have always been a problem look how long it ever took to build a shooting mall and that’s s**t . And only just finished the bypass . Only pat that’s worth a look is the old town and Fairlight rest just bypass it all