Living in or moving to Coventry
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Even when i look out of the window next to me i can see buses going past, my eyes instinctively head straight to the back seat of the top deck, where theres yet ANOTHER herd of chavs! surely that girl holding what looked like a cigarette must not have been older than 12? they’re getting older!

I am somewhat saddened to say that i live in Coventry. It has the potential to be a nice community, even though god knows that even my school has a better council than our own city. Lady Godiva must be turning in her grave…some low-life probably dug her up and robbed her clothes.

Fortunately though, im not counted among the poor souls who live in the likes of Hillfields, Stoke, Cheylesmore and Tile Hill, situated (nearish) around the outskirts of the city. I live in an area called radford, but with three houses, an old peoples home, a canal and a bridge separating my house from the city centre, I’m safely out of the way of all the mazed streets, made up entirely of chav infested terraced houses.

I never dare to venture to the heart of radford alone, Jubilee Crescent. Satan himself must feel sorrow for the helpless non chavs who live there. It is basically a huge coplex of houses, sorted into streets, with a large patch of grass and a few shops in the middle. Oh yeah, theres a chippy too. A chavs gotta eat! Before you wonder though, the only reason anybody SANE strolls into this hell-hole is due to the ‘tesco’ there.

What would normally be a quick walk to the shop is a venture through hostile ground, a journey for people with steel balls (or no brains), what with all the numerous staring eyes and menacing hooded figures around. The problem with that though is that none of the chavs talk to each other, even though the lack of improper and somewhat damned annoying english is a rare abd pleasant gift. The second edge of the blade slams down though, as you realise that the silence means that the chavs recognise you as an enemy – a non chav!

They all stare in contempt and hollow hostility at this outsider who is not part of the tribe. The fat, uncovered and three-quarter-length tracksuit uniformed females of this clan show their admiration for the obvious alpha male; the fat one with the burberry cap and fake gold chain. The now fascinated, if not confused chavs rarely even take drags from their desperately acquired fags, even a toke of the odd spliff is yet to be seen. All the chavs in this part appear like statues, but sadly the pigeons dont s**t on them.

There are gangs crammed into every corner and every orifice of this place, ever vigilant to work out the pin number of the man at the ATM machine. Funnily enough, credit fraud has dramatically risen recently. Eye contact with the chavs is not advisable, and so is a reply to the question ‘what you lookin’ at’. The trick is simply to let these sad cases bask in the glory of a mutual victory – staring contantly at every male who isn’t wearing a cap!

After having reached the golden safety of the tesco store, normality resumes, and the chavs decide mutually that the security guard there looks hard and will take more than staring at to conquer, and so they just go off towards the nearest bottle bank and get drunk/high.

Theres simply too much to say regarding the city centre – i will simply say this. The puddles of vomit (must have been last nights kebabs) that stain the bridge en route there are only the start. Even the public library is a crack den! (only the toilets though.)

Its a shame that when we look back in the future we wont be able to compare to the ‘disco’ 70’s or the ‘rockin’ 80’s – all we will remember is the millenium scum. the chavs. still, theres still time before this decade is out. All we can do is wait…’chavness’ is only a temporary illness! i hope, anyway.

If that doesn’t work, i reckon the old folks will get fed up and rebel against these embarrassments. I believe that some sort of revolution is in order. that or another noahs ark. Hasta la muerte, chavs!

  • Kubla Khan

    I was talking to an old boy who was an RAF pilot and Engineer. He told me that the best thing that ever came out of Coventry were the German bombers! This is a man who hated Germans. Every time I have had the misfortune to go Coventry I have had my car broken into. It doesnt matter if I park in the city center, or anywhere!

  • Treefrog

    Oh f**k off.

  • I have been working in Coventry and it is indeed one of the filthiest, sh*ttiest, chav invested dumps I have ever had the displeasure to frequent. Rubbish is commonplace and dogsh*t, which is almost extinct in most decent areas, is rife, alleyways and paths are littered with empty cheap alcohol bottles that all the chav scrotes drink, human excrement is commonplace too. It is safe to say that if you live in areas like Hillfields or foleshill you truly are at the bottom of a big pile of steaming sh*t! Tell you one thing glad I don’t have to bring my kids up there!

    • Treefrog

      No it’s not you weirdo! Where the f**k do you hang out?

  • matt

    it seems to me that you people are basing your perception of an entire community on a small minority who hang around in front of a row of shops, maybe if you stopped hating everything for a few minutes and focused on all the good people who live in these areas ( who by the way , greatly outnumber the wayward youths knocking about in jubilee crescent) then your outlook on life may become better and you’d stop spouting off so much sh*t on the internet , to put it simply … get a life

  • Rich

    You live in Radford and have the CHEEK to talk down about other districts in Coventry? I have lived in Tile Hill and I have to say there are some bad parts but mostly up market housing with respectable people living in them. Radford is the armpit of Coventry, the most filthy vile, disgusting place in the City and yet you are brazen enough to admit you live there.

    You my friend are a grade A t****r.

  • rahotep101

    I went to coventry once, and that’s enough! I was hardly out of the train station before I was beign aggressively begged by cap-wearing chav scum. A few unsavoury underpasses later I got to have a look at the 1950s cathedral, which has all the aesthetic appeal and spiritual atmosphere of an eggbox. Coventry is indeed a dump. It has a few nice buildings, remaining from better days, but these only make the post-war architectual vandalism seem even more egregious. If you want to enjoy a visit to Coventry you’d better make it in a time machine.

    • Treefrog

      ” all the aesthetic appeal and spiritual atmosphere of an eggbox” I guess you aren’t exactly adept in architechture and history then. Plebian.

  • Bongo

    It is indeed a sh*thole. And this comes from someone who was born in Toxteth in Liverpool, so I know what sh*t looks like when I see it. Getting out of here ASAP.

  • Steve

    “Justanotherlad” I can tell where you live from the description you gave saying that there are 3 houses between you and the city centre, an old peoples home and a bridge. This would not be hard to determine where you live, probably a student also therefore looking in that area for someone 18-24ish, wouldn’t be too hard if the “Raford Massive” did want to “kick f**k” out of you. You shouldn’t talk so much sh*t online where you think you are safe, especially when you describe the area that you live else you may find yourself in a sticky situation.

    As for “Cov_gyal” you pretty much proved his point, look at your spelling and grammar, you are a typical, dense, hair-superglued-to-your-head-with-hairspray cov sket.

  • MPD

    Sounds like Chippenham in Wiltshire – only Sh*ttenham is only a small market town!

  • cov_gyal

    hey! i wud jst lyk 2 say tht seen as u liv in cov i am jst wondering if u hav seen the otha social groups taking place all arwnd cov!! 4 xample wot abwt all tha goths/greebos tht hang rwnd the lady godiva statue all weekend in town? ya cnt honestly say tht thy r no trouble can u?? jst a couple of weeks ago thy were in the paper 4 lighting a fire in a cemetry!! so i wud jst lyk 2 say tht mayb u shud take a luk arwnd tha rest of cov b4 ya jst make judgements on otha ppl! nd being a teen myself i wud jst lyk 2 say tht mayb if tha council set up more youth clubz around areas whr kids r thr wud mst likely b alot less trouble!! ne1 agree?? luf ya x

    • verybigalex

      Your keyboard appears to be malfunctioning. Someone may have rearranged the letter keys. You may of course, have severe dyslexia…….

  • justanotherlad

    hadnt been on this site for ages, and the i find that some little scrotum has not only learned how to use the internet, but has also worked up the balls to reply to my little article about my lovely city. well done mate. just a couple of flaws – i called the public library a crack den, not radford. also, you said i dont keep my head up when i walk past, and then said “if you find out who i am blah blah”. well, my dear friend, how can you know that i walk past with my head down if you dont know who i am? hmm! well, i tell you what, i dont think i will disclose who i am, seeing as you will “kick f**k” out of me, and leave my manhood trapped in the freezer door. i doubt il be able to sleep for weeks, let alone shop at tesco again. thank the lord that theres another one open. then i really would have been in trouble!

    Anyway, all the best in the future, when you finish nursery/school/college/your next prison sentence. also, keep up with those threats; theyd have the mafia running for the hills!

  • Radford

    So…U think that radford is a crack den??? Ur right cuz ur family live there!!! The only reason that you try takin the p*ss is because ur too much of a pussy 2 even keep ur head up when u walk past…obviously someone is gunna smell what uve dun in ur pants and say stuff 2 u or kick u in if they can tell you are flappin it….p.s if i find out who you are next time you are down the cres we will kick f**k out of you and leave you naked in the middle of tesco with the small amount of manhood u have jammed in the freezer door!!!

    • Gravehopper

      Lovely, just lovely. Coventry is populated by mainly normal citizens who just want a peaceful and decent life, but unfortunately it is also infested with violent sociopaths, like Radford there.

  • chavwars

    tis indeed a sh*thole full of scummie f**kwits usually found, well anywhere in this place

    luckily the chav f**ks of this historic city will in 2005 have one seriously bad year thanks to myself and a few of my mates (all in media) with chavwars… think bumfights the movie and replace the bums with chavs

    • Treefrog

      Pshh! You wish!