Living in Hayes, London

Hayes, Middlesex, I have seen a big decline in the area

Hayes is a very dull and depressing area, there are no nice parks, there is nowhere to go if you feel like a walk and no places of interest.

Living in Ashford, Middlesex

Ashford, once a village, became ruined due to the airport

Ashford has one item not wanted and that is a prison for women formerly a remand centre this facility attracts drug dealers no one wants those in their town.

Hayes – Time to carpetbomb and start again


Well what can i say, they've taken over, the townies/chavsters now rule the once quiet little town of Uxbridge. They gather (in a similar, well exact actually, fashion to flys around a steaming pile

Living in Twickenham, West London

Twickenham conjures up idyllic walks by the thames, that is bollocks!

When someone says Twickenham, the mind usually conjures up images of triumphant rugby victories or walks by the thames, this is bollocks!