Living in Ashington
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in North East, Northumberland, United Kingdom

Ashington is by far the chavviest town in Northumberland, every other car you see on the road is either a Vauxhall (the chavs’ and thicko’s vehicle of choice) or a Motability car of some kind (Usually either an Astra, Meriva, Zafira or a C4 Picasso), the ageing p***y vehicle of choice.  In the ten years I have lived in this nasty, smelly crap hole I have NEVER met anyone who could be classed as normal, it seems everyone has some kind of mental illness, everyone is ugly, everyone is uncompassionate and often rude, no one (other than criminals, drug dealers etc) has any kind of proper job, they all drive round in ropey old bangers covered in dents and rust, people don’t give way to you, they are all loud, obnoxious and feckless as well as being being often unprofessional is working in a retail capacity.

The town centre is a Greggs pastie filled hellhole which is a constant aroma of cigarette smoke. Unemployable, tattooed half-wits lope around with their out of control, pastie eating kids, shouting and bellowing at them as they go.  This community used to be dependant on the Coal industry but has failed (probably due to too much coal dust in their brains) to adapt to the changes forced upon them by the 1980s closure of the mines.

Nearby towns such as Newbiggin by the sea are also a victims of this inbred way of life, chavs and idiots fly about in their 52 plate Zafiras (minus wheel trims and plus many dents) probably un-insured and MOT’d, people, again are loud, arrogant and self absorbed.

Look at any ex-mining town and you will see the same, Parts of Durham like Consett, Dipton and Stanley are exactly the same, full to the rafters with shitty people…

  • Liam Mcintyre

    Here you idiot the only reason your hating on Ashington is because your the ugliest person iv seen you’ve never felt the touch of a woman go and a find yaself a lass there she might knock some sense into you and as for this post this is just your opinion which you should keep it to yaself no one wants to hear it and only 30 year Virgin values your opinion if you all don’t like it leave go live in the woods your all just bully victims by the sound of it and all you can do is write about it because your that week you can’t physically do anything about it pathetic

  • Dylan Freeman

    Very ignorant and uninformed article, doesn’t reflect very well on the author. Its a wonder this was posted anonymously.

  • Terry Mcqueen

    If its that bad how come youve infested the place for ten years??

  • WKDNess

    Ashghanistan is a s******e…I was born in Ashington, raised in the area and now live in the town.

    That is until I can move out of the place.

  • Becka Hindle

    Put of all honesty this is sterotyping a place!!! I was born there (dont live there now but have family there) there is worse places than this. I have seeb it with my own 2 eyes. Ya always get one or two people who undermind places. And as for arrogent people from ashington ate ya get that all over…. never under estimate a place till u have lived and been brought up there.

  • Claire Martin

    Well I can’t believe what I have just read. All those people with their coal dust addled brains got up every day to go to work down that mine to put coal in your fire along with millions of other people around the country. It doesn’t matter where your from I’m sure you could walk down your high street and see umpteen kids stuffing their faces with pasties or McDonald’s. And as for bellowing at their kids well it will be those children that go off to university and get degrees because their parents were not afraid to tell them off in public or rattle their backsides when they play up. You may want to bear that in mind when you’re slagging people off. And as for being inbred well I’m sure you will find that the kind of toffee nosed society that you were brought up in probably has a lot more of that going on than you will find in our mining villages. There are plenty of people here that get up and go to work every day to support their families and pay taxes like everyone else. Though it sounds like you were born with a silver spoon wedged so far up your backside you wouldn’t know the meaning of the words hard graft. I would take a handful of Ashington or newbiggin residents over a room full of snobs like you any day of the week.

  • Tim Sulley

    Grew up near Ashington (in Ellington) and Ashington is honestly the most depressing sh*thole in the whole of the UK.

    You see all the 14-year-old chavs hanging around the bus stops with their pregnant chavette girlfriends smoking tabs and eating a load of f*cking pasties.

    Not saying everybody in Ashington is chav it’s just the majority of teenagers with 2 children living on the f*cking dole.

    Oh and BTW anybody that says Cramlington is worse than Ashington can f*ck off.

  • Rebecca Denholm

    What a closeminded, arrogant load of tosh. I live in ashington. I own my own home. My children were born inside of marriage and well after I left school. They eat fresh fruit and vegetables, and meals that are cooked from scratch. I work whilst going to college, and haven’t claimed benefits since I left school. How dare you put everyone in ashington in the same box. I know plenty of people around where I live who work hard and would be horrified at what you have written. You show me any area in newcastle without chavs in residence. Maybe if small minded, ignorant individuals like yourselves put their energy into helping a town that needs investment and opportunity, instead of being ground down further by these kinds of petty comments, then Ashington and the residents who don’t see a future, would realise that they actually do have one.

    • Steve McGill

      Ashington is a smelly, rough s**t hole and 90% of the people that live there are arrogant, annoying, stupid and always have a cocktail of mental illnesses. The place stinks and the majority of people walking around the town centre are toothless, tattooed scum. OBVIOUSLY not everyone is like this and I am not tarring everyone with the same brush but I totally agree with the original post. I have lived around this area for 12 years now (unfortunately I’m stuck here for the time being) and can honestly say I hate every fibre of the place, ugly, smelly, sewer-grade s******e…

  • John lewis

    I live in Ashington and I can tell you that the roads there are the worst in any other place in the north east both by the litter and the bumps placed there by the council to slow down the speed induced peoples.

  • Scott Party-Animal Davison

    I disagree with all that comments because it is taring all he people in Ashington with the same brush. When there are plenty of people that live in Ashington that work really hard to get the stuff they have got and not all tge cars are chav or disability cars and plus u can not tell if they are disability cars with out lookin at the taxi disc. I have worked since I was 18 when I left college and still working now. Why slag ur home town off if u dont like where u live hen move to a different town or city and stop taring everyone with the same brush.

  • Cardno94

    Ashington all the way!! It’s only bad if you can’t handle it 😉

  • Steve McGill

    People from Ashington are another breed of people, alot of friends of mine agree, they are mostly harmless, but a curiously annoying and unlikeable

  • Steve McGill

    I have lived very near Ashington for 10 years now and hate it, people (although generally harmless) all seem to be not only rough as hell, but stupid, ugly, arrogant and all seem to have some kind of inferiority complex. They are often loud and annoying show offs too.

  • David Robson

    Whilst I agree with this most of this, I have to disagree with the comments about coal-addled minds.

    Before Thatcher chose to destroy the families dependent on coal as a livelihood, Ashington was a smart town. People had money and family groups from which to get support should it be required. The Miners seldom saw daylight in the winter, often worked fourteen hour shifts and weekends so that week in Blackpool could be enjoyed once a year.

    Ashington is no longer a mining community.

    Don’t ever try to say otherwise and don’t ever think you know about mining communities, when you clearly don’t know the first thing about them.

    • Albert

      I have read and heard of how arrogant, bigheaded and stupid miners from Ashington were, different breed to the miners from other parts of the country (inbreeding is rife in Ashington) and that play a part in the nature of the people that live there..