Worst place to live in England poll 2017
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in United Kingdom
Now in its twelfth glorious year, you get to vote again for which town tops your list of the worst god foresaken sh*tholes. Your town not on the list? Leave the name in the comments and we'll add them daily!


  • dizzy doris

    bournemouth,dorset. it’s a sh*t hole full of rude,arrogant drivers and cycliusts who think the laws don’t apply to them, fake posh voiced ‘uni’ types, drunks and druggies from the rest of the country and stuck up f*cks who own large homes and look down their noses at people who have less than them. worst 11 years of my life being stuck here. can’t afford to buy my own home eventhough have a large deposit saved and job wise it’s s**t. And the roads in and around the town are utter hell!