Top 10 Worst places to live in #England 2017

We have been compiling the top 10 worst places to live in England for more than a decade. Thousands of readers have voted for their least salubrious dump in this septic isle.  Offending local councillors, dignitaries and meddlesome ratbags plus ruining the trade of slime ball lying estate agents, makes our day as they do their level best to polish a turd of a town.  There were some upsets this year and a new entry rocketing into the charts at number 1, that is sure to cause some outrage in their respective local rags.  So for 2017 we present our definitive Top 10 of the worst god-awful hell holes in England, enjoy!

10. Blackpool

Dropping down from number 4 is the entertainment capital of the North. Once famed for its golden mile, Blackpool now conjures up images of drunken stags and hens, falling over in the street and spewing on themselves, before retiring to a grotty seaside B&B. Here’s what our readers have to say:

You may think it’s a jolly seaside resort with candy floss and donkeys, it’s a scumbucket for the transients who come here to draw benefits in a holiday resort, instead of an inner city.
Go back a few streets from the prom and you will see the deprivation, the ghettos and the scummy pubs that make up the REAL Blackpool.

  • Nathan

    Lol England is a Great Country folks, most inner cities have developed into S**t holes because the Laws you have here are not adequate to deal with serious criminals like in America. I hear people say the Death penalty is not a deterant, but England has not the land mass of the U.S.A and besides it is a deterant tell that to the hood who is about to get the lethal injection and his/her ass is gonna be blown into oblivion.
    It will certainly make those who weald guns and knives think because with actions comes the consequences. They will soon get the POINT.

  • CarrieOnScreaming

    Why do people put a question mark when they’re making a statement? Are you not SURE that it has a soul?

  • ScunnyBunny

    Scunthorpe is number one.

  • elliott

    try Hemel if you think the rest are bad just come here

  • Paul Wild

    Why have they shown that picture for Rochdale? Rochdale has one of the most beautiful Town hall’s in the country.That is surely not the best view of Hull either.What about the great Victorian architecture near the docks?This is an offensive joke. This is like showing a picture of Westminster of the Harrow road in Maida Hill.

    • imnoteva

      after reading a review of Bradford, a city i actually live in (as a student), i realised these reviews are about taking al the evil, the bad, the chaos, the derelict and horrendous parts of a city and acting like it gives 100% representation of that city. So no, don’t expect the Victorian Architecture… it doesn’t go with the agenda of trying to tear a city down by showing the bad parts.

  • AnthonyTuffin

    I’m a southerner, who lived for about 13 years in Leeds, before returning south. Both north and south, I have liked some people and disliked some. I wonder whether Simon has ever been south of Watford Gap. In view of his ignorant and biassed generalisation, I suggest he stays in the north. He sounds like one of the northerners I disliked. Fortunately, he is atypical.

  • TrulyBlack

    Darlington is now just sh!t u cant walk down the road without a bunch of loud chavs behind you shouting ‘Oy look at vat!’ and you just wannin to punch them

  • Anth

    Good to hear s**t like this, my home town is middlesbrough but i would never live anywhere to the TS1 area. People dont see middlesbrough from the top half and to be honest i am glad. Marton is the place to be. I think places near london are all the worst its a danger with gun crime and thugs also high priced for something so small and it is like buying a house in middlesbrough town centre haha

  • Anthony

    Wow. I love seeing my home town on here every year, its great to know that people only see the bad end of this place and never come to the top end of middlesbrough. Its a Great place to live. Shame london isnt ever on this list the place is a danger and one hugh s**t hole with high priced sheds for sale.

  • Butch

    Rushden should of atleast come 3rd considering how much worse its been over the past few years. Luton should of come first, grimsby is a s******e but it has heart.

  • Agreed

    I read this comment from St. Annes, Notts, and I can honestly say this guy is right. Nottingham has some of the worst housing conditions ive ever seen

  • Lucy Johnson

    Shut up. Idiot.

    • mawdesleytractor

      Shut up yourself. Mawtarded idiot.

  • Lucy Johnson

    what you call a ‘right wing’ persuasion is just anyone who is not a loony Socialist.- who are less than 1 % of the country

  • Lucy Johnson

    Jeremy Corbyn would destroy the country beyond repair.

    • Saff Laandaan Geeza

      Can’t f*ck up the country as much as good old Conservative Thatcher, ey?

      • Lucy Johnson

        Brown and Blair were already worse than her. The destroyed every aspect of the country. Much of it on purpose.

  • Gill Williams

    I live in Mablethorpe Lincs and that is a sh*thole,literally !
    Dog s**t everywhere, streets and beach, nobody cleans it up , the owners certainly don’t.
    Police are bone idle, boy racers up and down all night at 100mph , music blaring, not a speed camera in sight and no deterrents, police aren’t interested.
    Live in and you can do what you like as …it’s nothing to do with the police, anyone but !
    Can’t wait to move , boring place, no decent shops, you get cheap s**t food, or dear s**t food from the Coop all their own , either that or Lidl, nothing else.
    Worst mistake I ever made was moving here , absolutely hate it .
    Roll on a couple of months and they can keep their chav town !

    • Craig Davenport

      You didn’t mention the massive arcade – a den of iniquity!

  • Daniel Burke

    Basically anywhere poor and full of immigrants and Muslims.

    • Simon

      Correct. The voice of reason. Well said. Summed it up in one sentence.

  • TrulyBlack

    I spent my teens in Darlington because we ran out of money and we moved from Hampstead – all I can day is WOW u ppl r so ungrateful! Nah, just kiddin Darlington is horrible. I convince my parents to visit me and they’re in their 50s and they’re like ‘no liccal bwoy. Com bak to Darlington wid ur sissa, Helana’ (I have a sister called Helana). I agree with every sane person here who thinks Darlington needs improving. To hell with mono-culture. The amount of ignorant people I have encountered skyrockets above Burj Khalifah (I think that’s the name of that building in Dubai).
    Here is MY top ten:
    1.) Darlington
    2.) Haughton-Le-Skerne (Shitty part of Darlington)
    3.) Middleton Saint George
    4.) Shildon
    5.) Firth Moor (Another Shitty part of Darlington)
    6.) Hurworth
    7.) Teesside
    8.) Stockton-On-Tees
    9.) Yarm (Posh Snobs – I know what ur thinkin – STERYOTYPICAL – but I have encountered more right-wingers than a Bird – PUNNY! kk then don’t laugh!)
    10.) Skerne Park (Not-so-Shitty part of Darlington)

  • TrulyBlack

    LOL I just cringe at the wannabe hard men in Darlington. So glad I moved to Ealing

  • gfvhgd

    Great Britain has to be the most atrocious and depressing country to live in. 99% of the UK is an economic deprived wasteland, where everything is mostly concentrated in London, which is also turning into a dump.

    I am planning to expatriate and leave this horrendous hellhole after almost 30 years of living here. I thought Scotland was bad, but when I saw parts of England such as the North of England and the Midlands, thats when I realised there is no hope. You only live once, so there is no way I am going to waste my life living here.

    You can have your chav infested nightmare country. Asia, here I come!

  • kelly

    There is nothing wrong with tower hamlets there are old and new buildings. The eastend has character and plenty of stories to tell and the house prices for a normal terraced house is well above a million,so i wouldnt consider this one of the worst places to live and the house prices are going up and up.

    • Raf Rob

      It’s like living in bangladesh