Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in United Kingdom

  • Guest

    Wow what a lovely young lady (cue the sarcasm)

  • CityGuy

    Not sure why this is funny!!!

  • Nursie

    wana post about a couple of places but the ‘image verification’ is broken on the ‘add town’ page.. :/
    It doesnt show on any laptop or computer ive used on several different days.. there is one on this page but don’t know if its the same one!

  • Binman

    Poor lass, but at least she hasn’t parked her footwear on the seats like the “decent citizen” making this clip has. And why does the chunky bloke across the aisle with the smarter than him phone need to take up all the seats? Didn’t his mother teach him how to sit down?

  • Raven

    The girl featured in this clip is my mechanic’s cousin. I’ve been told that she’s actually quite nice, when sober… Not had the pleasure to meet her myself yet.

    • SeekTherapy

      Send the nation’s condolences to the mechanic.