Living in Antrim, Northern Ireland

Antrim – the entire place is a f*cking sh*t heap

Antrim: a neglected and run down collage of council estates, populated by w*nkers that moved from Belfast & Londonderry during the troubles.

Basildon, Essex, Property guide and review

Ode to Basildon

Looming buildings, the over-use of concrete, shady back allies and multistorey car parks. It's like a small part of inner city USA in Essex.

Living in Chester-le-street

You know you’re from Chester-le-street when…

You sometimes call Chester-le-street, "Chester-le-sh*t" because although it is home, it's a bit scruffy and fairly w**k.

Living in Oswestry, Shropshire

Oswestry: their trainers and fake Fred Perry polo shirts are caked in sweat & kebabs

We've all seen them hanging around Oswestry, decked out in the latest tracksuit thats been washed with Daz to get that brand new "I'm not poor" bright white look.

Living in Tullibody, Scotland

Tullibody, AKA dodge city located between Stirling and Alloa

The people of Tullibody are mostly bastards, drunken bastards, none of the people from Tullibody have 2 pence to rub together.