Living in Workington, Cumbria

Workington is the chav armpit of Cumbria

We left Workington bowling alley laughing quite hard, but were horror struck when we saw "cruise West Cumbria" having a chav "mini-meet".

Living in Peterlee, County Durham

Words fail me when it comes to describe Peterlee

Peterlee town centre is surreal, concrete and on two levels. Pound shops and your frozen food shops are aplenty.

Living in Cardiff/Caerdydd

Cardiff (Pronounced: Cerrrdiffff) is definitely the chav centre of Wales

In Cardiff, you'll hear phrases such as "yow Brow", "Biiig Up", "floosh ooos a fag Maaaaan" and "i'll jack you ooop miiish".

Living in Loftus, North Yorkshire

Loftus, most families seem to be related and interbred

Loftus is a human dumping ground for all the problem families that not even Middlesborough and Redcar can cope with.

Living in Bolsover

Bolsover: at night it becomes a typical chav sh*thole

Bolsover: At first you think that it is a pleasant town. Unfortunately, when you see it at night it becomes a typical chav sh*thole.