Living in Bangor, Wales

Bangor: City of the Damned

Bangor: visiting for the pier (windy, wet, cold), the cathedral (small) or the Yates' (that allegedly smells of p*ss)? I'd advise against it

Living in Darlington

Mixed bag for Darlington (Darlo)

Darlington is a mixed bag. It consists of the best and the worst, and by the worst, I mean you'll feel like you're in Mogadishu or Baghdad.

Living in Middlesborough

Middlesbrough, kiddos.

I've lived in Middlesbrough since 2014 and to put it lightly, f*ck this place.

Living in Battersea

Battersea, the ghetto of the 80’s!

Ah Ba-a-sea (as we all called it, a local knows it has 2 t's in the name but neither are used)

Living in Ollerton, Nottinghamshire

Ollerton: the most boring place to live

New Ollerton = old biddy central and a load of manky chavs. DO NOT come here, for your own sanity, don't even visit.