Living in Streethouse, Pontefract

Streethouse, or Sh*thouse as it’s affectionately known as by the locals

Streethouse: I'd nuke the place but the locals have mutated and evolved beyond the point where it would make any difference.

Living in Keighley, West Yorkshire

Keighley: one of the most backward towns, I have ever encountered

A night out in Keighley is an experience especially as an outsider, they can almost smell you're different and don't belong.

Living in Normanton

Normanton – The Real Place for “I live near Leeds”

You get the beautiful parts of Yorkshire in the Moors and Dales, with their lovely small communities. Normanton is completely the opposite.

Living in Castleford, West Yorkshire

Castleford or Cas-vegas, as it’s known locally and ironically

Chief past times among Castleford's younger yobs seem to be spray-paint huffing, drunken violence & hanging around smoking & looking scummy.

Bradford, West Yorkshire, Property Guide and review

Bradford (where do I start?)

Bradford, there's not enough words available in the English language to emphasise what a complete & utter sh*thole this place really is.