Living in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire

Dewsbury- proof that evolution works both ways

After a mere 6 months of living in Dewsbury I still refrain from telling intrigued strangers where I live.

Living in Normanton, West Yorkshire

Normanton what a sh*t hole

I've lived in Normanton for over 25 years and I made the biggest mistake of my life moving here.

Living in Streethouse, Pontefract

Streethouse, or Sh*thouse as it’s affectionately known as by the locals

Streethouse: I'd nuke the place but the locals have mutated and evolved beyond the point where it would make any difference.

Living in Knottingley

Knottingley, eee by gum it’s rough

Knottingley, the average IQ is above 70 (unlike Selby) and they are much friendlier (unlike Selby).

Living in Castleford, West Yorkshire

Castleford or Cas-vegas, as it’s known locally and ironically

Chief past times among Castleford's younger yobs seem to be spray-paint huffing, drunken violence & hanging around smoking & looking scummy.