Living in Thame

Thame is quite posh, however, it is also an inbred sh*t town!

The people remind me of the banjo playing rednecks in the film Deliverance.

Living in Stockport

Stockport exudes awfulness

Curiously, Stockport actually has some pleasant outlying towns & it's as though the town centre is a giant plughole, drawing in all the scum

Living in Widnes, Cheshire

Widnes, an unflushed toilet of a place between Warrington & Liverpool

I don't know about Chatham, but the origin of the chav in Widnes is either from the unclean, smelly depths of the polluted Mersey, or from the shadows of the delightful power-station that blots the landscape of our town.

Living in Castleford

Castleford, where everybody is a blood relative of the person next to them

A trip to Castleford is a real eye opener, and you need to keep your eyes open because, if you dared to close them, they’d have your wallet.

Living in Paisley, Scotland

Paisley – what can one say with regard to this “charming” town

The Paisley diet consists of fast food, chewing gum and white bread.