Living in Bedford

Bedford: You’ll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy

Once upon a time Bedford was the swankiest place in Bedfordshire. But no more. Bedford is now full of drug dealers, gangs and murders.

Living in Morpeth

Morpeth: Is it really as posh as the posters make it look? No!

Morpeth: the town centre is full of stuck up posh twats. By night it's full of drunks that walk the high street just looking for a fight.

Living in Arbroath, Scotland

Arbroath: a mixture of racists and junkies

The people of Arbroath are ignorant and arrogant and it is like being transported back in time to the medieval era.

Living in Crowhurst, East Sussex

Crowhurst: Why you SHOULDN’T live here

Crowhurst is basically one big field, there is approximately 0 post offices, 0 shops, 0 restaurants, 1 s**tty pub and 0 entertainment.

Living in The Rhondda Fach

The Rhondda Fach – the valley that time forgot

People come here to see where they film Stella. All They'll see are empty cans of Stella Artois, full of piss littering popular beauty spots