Living in Loughborough, Leicestershire

Loughborough – “Luffbra” – it’s sh*t me duck

You can have a nice time in Loughborough, just as long as you live outside of it and never visit except for its saving grace: decent markets in the town centre.

Living in Sileby, Leicestershire

Sileby – A depressing town with a shameful history

Sileby has gone from an ugly village to a messed up and chavvy transit town.

Living in Fleckney, Leicestershire

Fleckney, Leicestershire, avoid this town like the plague

I cannot believe that nobody has included the in-bred smelly dive that is Fleckney, yet!

Living in Leicester, Leicestershire

At Leicester’s Clock Tower, smell the stench of BO & cheap perfume

Leicester: a nuclear bomb would leave a wasteland of Elisabeth Duke melted jewellery and a solitary smouldering Nike cap.