Living in Sheerness

Sheerness: where hopes, dreams and junkies go to die

Sheerness is the end of the line... on a sticky-floored tube train that smells of stale piss, Stella Artois, Amber Leaf and misanthropy.

Living in Aylesham, Kent

Aylesham is a village of Anti-Conservatives and racists

Aylesham has recently gone through a delightful upgrade to the anger of the local residents, who don't like "new bas*ards" in the village.

Living in luton in Chatham

Luton in Chatham is the festering cesspit of Medway

Luton, in Chatham is filthy dirty & without doubt the worst place in Kent. It's got every breed of muggers, rapists, druggies and thieves.

Living in Gravesend

Gravesend: Yea or Nay?

There's not much available shop wise in Gravesend, it's either all charity shops , naff burger bars, or shops that are too expensive for you

Living in Thanet

A weary resident’s guide to Planet Thanet

In Thanet most houses are now flats, the residents decorate their front yards with smashed wardrobes, piss stained mattresses & black bags.