Living in Bolton

Bolton is a dump

Pound shops and cheap takeaways are everywhere in Bolton. Some of the takeaways have reached the lofty heights of ONE star for hygiene.

Living in Failsworth, Greater Manchester

Failsworth: a town of hard working individuals & lazy inbred pond life

KFC/Tesco Car parks have become a homing beacon for Failsworth's chavy offspring to congregate around when they are not at the Metro Stop.

Living in Sholver & Moorside, Oldham

Sholver, think of it as a giant category C prison built on a hill side

Sholver & Moorside: the views are good... to all the other parts of Greater Manchester where everyone would rather be.

Living in Stretford, Manchester

Stretford is a Mecca for chavs and scallies

Stretford chavs think they're the next Tony Montana because they've got a 2-plant weed grow-op in their loft.

Living in Leigh

Leigh, Greater Manchester, is in a time warp 15yrs behind normal life

The people of Leigh are a unique breed! Lazy, dirty and unemployed a lot of the time, the few who do work are ok and can be normal humans!