Living in Darwen, Lancashire

Darwen: a pretty little market town? the reality can’t be more different!

The A666 into Darwen is lined on both sides with Pubs and Takeaways, their signages glaring and flashing to entice in the slack-jawed yocals

Living in Buckshaw Village, Chorley

Buckshaw village – it’s becoming a vile place to be

Buckshaw Village, there seems to be a whole new sub culture of chav emerging.

Living in Bolton

Bolton is a dump

Pound shops and cheap takeaways are everywhere in Bolton. Some of the takeaways have reached the lofty heights of ONE star for hygiene.

Living in Farnworth, Bolton

Farnworth used to be a nice place to live in the 60/70’s

Farnworth has now become a dumping ground for the dregs of society that no-one else wants or cares about.

Living in Westhoughton

Westhoughton a scrote-infested town in the armpit of the North West

Westhoughton, some of it's OK, some of it is inhabited by some of the lowest of low-lifes you wouldn't even compare to dog sh*t.