Living in Swansea
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in United Kingdom, Wales

Swansea shitty city. It has lovely coastal areas and beaches… shame about the rest which includes the football hooligan racist culture and small minds womanisers, working for the weekend type of night life that is filled to the brim with orange tanned short skirt, false nails and eye lashes, wearing bintola’s, that think of nothing more than their image.

Then you have the other culture which pretty much have given up on life…live in the job centre trying to blag more money for nothing off the tax payer for more heroin.

Very sad times in Swansea right now…and job prospects are nil and void..unless you want to work in a rip off sales call centre or some shitty bar or cafe burger flipping greasy spoon shop.

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  • I have a completely different view of this city. One of the best place, well balanced with a fantastic beach breathtaking parks and views. Almost a city, but not a town.. Perfect and evolved a lot recently..

    I living here 7 years ago, and love it.. Lived in Switzerland, Costa Del Sol, Norway, just name a few.. Swansea is a brilliant place.. Dont beleive me.. just check this out #superwales

  • Jim

    I quite like Swansea.

  • james

    Gerry, Sarah is accurate. Swansea is the butt hole of Wales. Despite billions of pounds has been spent on Wales and Swansea, the money has been creamed off by greedy bureaucrats. Mumbles in Swansea used to be a lively place to visit and now its a ghost town of its former self. The difference in poverty in Swansea is huge. Some rich so and so’s who have moved from London have rocketed property prices. The Gower is a an overrated water park run by a few mindless old biddies controlling the planning like the mafia. Swansea council has screwed the city centre businesses and run the city like a totalitarian state given little leeway for anything to develop or grow as they want their cut or they will put you in prison.

    Don’t get me started on the girls with tramp stamps thinking something they will never be. If there not orange their fat and ugly. Pick up a copy of Swansea life and you will see all the pretentiousness p**ks that will great you when you visit.

    You can work here if you like dodgy call centres that screw people for a living or alternatively you can work for the gestapo council.

  • Gerry

    Swansea is a city that is going through a very difficult times right now; it has in fact been suffering from neglect and poverty for quite a while. The city center is generally run down and filthy in places and there is a major problem with substance abuse. However, Swansea is not too far removed from any number of cities and town elsewhere on this island inasmuch as it has a rich heritage, a proud history and an inept council who seem incapable of acting in the long-term interests the city. Brenden Rogers did a wonderful job in restoring some pride in SCFC but that only works if you like football and I don’t. Swansea people are warm and good matured and love as giggle. If you want beauty and culture, you only have to ignore what goes on in the city center and surrounding estates; the rest of the county is jaw-droopingly beautiful. Nowhere should be judged by the tattooed and ignorant minority that exist in every urban area. Go to Swansea and see for yourself, I have lived in a number of other countries/continents and I love it here.