Living in Silver End
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In the 1920s, one man’s vision became reality when a village was built to house his employees in his window business. This village was Silver End. It was an extremely modern village with a dentist, cinema, doctors, school, a massive village hall, a police station and a two storey department store. The village also included a mansion, home to the owner of the business. The village was a very popular and fashionable place to live, with very little reason to travel out. When this was the case, a frequent bus service ran to nearby towns Witham and Braintree.

Well, that was then, this is now…

The houses were all sold to Witham Urban District Council in the 1970s when the Silver End factory closed and production focused in Braintree. The department store had burnt down in the 1930’s and was replaced with what is now a Co-Op, chemist, Indian, chip shop, Chinese and betting office. The houses, once the pride of Essex, are now only council housing for problem families from Witham and Braintree. The village hall is covered in graffiti and is in need of a paint job inside, Crittall’s mansion is now an old people’s home (one of three in the village), the dentist and cinema have long gone and the police station is now a family home.

Silver End is but an empty shell of what it once was. Problem children terrorise anyone they come into contact with, dogs roam freely where people can’t be bothered to take them for a walk, the school is full of children with 19 year old single mothers, the Co-Op is regularly burgled and there is little to no police presence to help the situation. To make matters worse, what once was an amazing bus service is now an often late, half hourly service – so getting out of this ghost town is difficult too.

I’m pretty sure Mr. Crittall would turn in his grave if he saw his beloved village as it is now. I’m actually very fond of this village; after all it is my home. It’s just extremely sad to see it in the state it has become. I can only hope that one day it returns to its former glory.

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  • Dan

    My family and I have recently moved in and we’ve seen none of these problems. Silver End is far from being a ‘ghost town’. Wherever we’ve gone the people have been friendly and helpful. This is a poor article.

  • sam chalk

    ive lived in silver end my whole life and can confirm that it is not filled with ‘problem children’ or ’19 year old single mothers’ the coop is not regularly burgled and graffitit almost never happens. its a bit run down, but still a lovely friendly place to live.

  • Thankfully it has improved in most of those areas. The buses not maybe, ,lol .

  • boss billy boy blue

    Debbie, Think you need the glasses as Dennies Optician has been in the village for years, next door to the library if you can;t find it. Otherwise you are right Silver End is no worse than many other places. It is still a very pleasant place to live. Problems only arise because some people these days do not respect communities or their assets (like the village hall, playing fields, memorial gardens) and they don’t teach their kids to do so either.
    Silver End Youth Football Club is one of the biggest and best in the county for training kids. The skate park is a new facility and is very popular, BUT we don;t need this new development on a ‘green field site’ when the old factory site is still undeveloped. New homes on the old factory site would be in keeping with the architecture of the rest of the area in Valentine Way, School Road etc.
    SO leave us alone we are happy with Silver End as it is!.

  • Debbie

    Im not surprised they didn’t leave their name with this article.
    What Silver End does need is an optician (just for this individual as I think they need glasses)
    I have two dogs who I walk twice per day and I certainly don’t see unattended dogs nor do
    I see lots of graffiti. I have friends who work in the coop and they haven’t mentioned the, so called, numerous breaking and I don’t recall reading about them in the local paper.
    Silver end is suffering like many other towns/cities and villages due to budget cuts and being in the tail end of a recession.