Living in Selby
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in North East, United Kingdom, Yorkshire

Selby – Not too far from York and i believe once a busy mining and market town (it still has a very good Monday market). I admit i do not know too much about the history and before you all hang me I have met an abundance of locals who are genuinely nice people…….

However, This little town has the largest proportion of drunk, drug addicted, load mouthed drop out charvers i have ever seen (and i’m from Hull). The river ouse (p. ooze) churns through the middle of the town past the grimy silhouette of the old flour mill, threatening to flood the stinking dump every rainy season adding to the looming threat of violence that awaits you on every Thursday night.

Selby is the only place where Burberry is still classed as the height of fashion and the ridiculously high peaked baseball caps proudly adorn the heads of the pram pushing, stella swilling, drug munching majority. The main places for the pre-pubescent gobshites to hang around trying to bum smokes are any of the supermarkets dotted around the town or of course the rather recent Maccy ‘Ds’!!! The 1st, 2nd (and yes!) 3RD!!! generation c***s tend to ram themselves into the Griffin or Blackamore Head and then of course off to Kans or Gems ‘Quality’ nightclubs to find some half comatose 16 stone behemoth slob to drunkenly blow there load into in order to produce more screaming, malnourished brats to become the future inhabitants of the social black hole they call Selby.

The people i feel sorry for the most in Selby is the elderly. Older people i have spoken to are genuinely terrified of venturing out and spend there time locked inside, virtual prisoners in there homes – not necessarily from any genuine risk of mugging etc but simply the huge amount of intimidating, antisocial behaviour that spills from the town centre almost every evening (a lot of elderly people are timid and the town centre is walking distance from anywhere in the town).

Updated 2016

New thought from a new contributor – I am not from Selby (not sh*gging my underage Sister, total giveaway for the locals) but I am currently forced to live here. Selby is packed to the grubby chlamydia infested gills with utter scum. Educationally sub normal work shy drunken drug addicted vermin who are always on the scrounge, if I had a pound for every sob story and aggressive demand for money I would be a rich Man. They really are vile – snorting their pretend cocaine, chip pan full of fat slapped on their stringy receding hair, the collars of their Henry Lloyd shirts turned up, baseball caps at a ridiculous angle, spending their benefits at the pub (The Griffin being the favourite) and telling the World at deafening volume how “f*kin ard they are” – when there are five or more of them and they are on coke of course! After running out of people to scrounge from the next place is the weed/Mcat/smack dealer – who of course accepts stolen goods as payment then back to whichever settee they are staying on with eighteen stone of disgusting toothless thick as pig s**t vulgar slut to breed more gutter rats. Most  in this slum on the Ouse have quite simply no concept of manners because the people they think are their parents have never taught them any – too busy eating kebabs, thieving/fencing stolen goods and making empty threats they are too gutless to back up. They are also the most nosey bastards I have ever met who appear to think they have the God given right to know every last piece of your private business and get quite offended by “f*ck off” This Town is VILE – do yourself a massive favour if you ever find yourself in the area – and DRIVE PAST! This will also mean your car will not be robbed from by the hundreds of revolting black toothed heroin addicts – welcome to Selby – THE SLUM ON THE OUSE!


  • Ireviewplaces

    I have to strongly disagree with this article.Selby is generally fine, especially the surrounding villages. Even the town centre isn’t too bad. You’re just attention seeking.

  • Francis Mullins

    Well, I grew up in Selby, 40’s and 50’s…first Charles Street and then Abbots Road, called Abbots Canyon in those days. It might seem strange to you guys, but we thought we were privileged to live in the town. As a kid, you could earn money picking peas…Millers’ lorries would pick us up from the estates at 7.30 and by 2pm you’d got a pocket full of cash from ‘snagging’ peas around Brayton or Wistow Lordship. The cops stopped one of the wagons once and there were perhaps 50 people clinging on for dear life. It made national news. Police action cramped our style a bit but we were still on the kerb next morning ready for the pea fields. Scratting ‘spuds’, pulling carrots…all ways to provide a few bob to buy those early rock and roll records from the US…Chuck Berry, Everley Brothers, Fats Domino. I delivered papers for WH Smith and collected rags for Dick Hepworth. It all helped to fund a pleasant life, including a school trip to the Bernese Oberland. Life was pretty good…courting on Brayton Barff…dances at the Olympia, the Hawdon Institute, the Museum. Halcyon days….Clarrie Soar’s pantos at St Mary’s and under-age drinking at just about anywhere I wanted. Of course, I had to grow up….earned a living writing since I was 16, traveled the world covering major news and now live in Florida. But just a look down Gowthorpe at the Abbey and my emotions well up. I miss my home town.

  • Nyall Nyall

    Don’t respond to this article. the Author is clearly an attention seeking nobody, who couldn’t get a blow job in Selby because he is very likely a fat sweaty blob. So after his Night out there and feeling somewhat disgruntled at still having a little wrinkled ball sack full of potential offspring , he stumbled back to his caravan mumbling to himself that all lasses in Selby are lesbians.

  • Mandy Hall

    I’m not from selby ,originaly .my dad came here from another area far worse. thier are some nice people and work dam hard .youve criticised the people off selby .how dare you I have had three jobs bought my own house been a single parent the only drug I take his a paracetamol and that’s because you have given me a headache with your vile comment taring everybody with the same brush. I’ve been here thirty years get your facts right before you judge .its a small minority ,like anywhere else .you make this town sound like the appocalips. Their is people in our community that do good jobs here .I’ve just one thing to say to you stay far away .people like you we dont need Go out and open your eyes find the normal hard working class people off selby. Your just a joke.

  • John

    I moved to Selby about three years ago with my wife and we
    enjoy living here. I have never seen any
    trouble in Selby and have met some really nice people here. The place gets a little boisterous on a
    Saturday, but what towns don’t? It has
    some fantastic amenities and is great for food lovers. We have some great restaurants regardless of
    your tastes. Really good quality Indian,
    Chinese, Thai and Italian restaurants. The list could go on!

    A lot of work has
    been done to improve Selby and food shopping is great. We have a lot of amenities, We even have exercise
    machines in the local park. The only criticism
    I would make is that we need a proper cinema.
    I think it would bring even more business into Selby.

  • Emily

    Selby is not all bad, i have lived in one of the surrounding villages most of my life and although selby town does inhabit many chavs i have to admit that i have lived in far scarier places. Yes, selby centre can have a bad name but the surrounding villages are lovely and by giving selby a bad name you are misjudging.

  • vicky

    im from selby and you dont see me in what you call reebok classics in fact yeah as to your comment selby does have some sh*t aspects about it but what town city or even village dosent a. i beleve selby isnt actually as bad as people make out yeah call us all c**ts call us what ever the hell you like i dont care. selby as not actually been flood since 2001 so f**k knows why thats in their. and as for everyone being chavs thier not thiers quiet a few respectable teens trust me i know. and as for the minority of chavs so to speak its them that call all the problems as i said im from selby and iv currently got a merit in level 2 performing arts and off on to the level 3 this september to then hopefully go to RADA ( a performance univercity in london) so yeah call us all chavs or what not but some people from selby actually do stuff with thier lifes. dont like the true then dont listen but selby is a whole lot better than you all think

  • kaylie

    you know nothing not all of selby take drugs and so what if theres a baby boom in selby it doesnt mean a thing hows about u live in this town n see for your self what it is actually like ….. you may be suprised to find loads of elderly people venturing out because i know i have a hard time getting round selby without being stuk in a old foogy traffic jam !!!!!!!!

  • Hannah

    tbh, selby is crap and boring, but i wouldn’t say that it is as bad as other places in the UK ! no way! but it is filled to the brim with chavs and alot of the surrounding villages are to!

    And selby hasnt flooded in a while, and tat has nothing to do with chavs what so ever! so what was the point of putting it in!

    plus, old people scared to leave there homes! bull!

    i am only 15 so i see and hear about more the sh*t that goes on there then anyone older tbh, and the chavs need sorting but they are nowhere near how bad they are in hull!! no chance!

  • The Real Bohan

    I was born on kitchener street in ’86 and leaving that f**king w**ker filled, drug riddled, slag inhabited effluence stenching town in 2006 was the best thing i ever did. By the way Reebok Classics are considered the finest footwear to those illiterate c**ts that live there!

  • jemma dawn

    for your information Selby is the most minted isn’t town ever we have the best fashion in the hole wide nation and only because your jealous that were the most popular town ever . and at least there isn’t loads of tramps living round Selby begging for money

  • jhull

    In response to Tom – you say you are a youth and my article is bullsh*t…I take issue with your phrase. You seem to have misread the article – i have lived in Selby, York, Nottingham and Hull so trust me – I have a range of places to compare to Selby…..If you have been there all your life then I’m sorry but what the hell do you know? Your answer to the article is childish and quite frankly sounds stupid…’Bullsh*t’? is that really a comment someone trying to sound educated (such as yourself) should be using? Oh, and while I’m on the subject – louts drinking cider on street corners and intimidating little old ladied don’t contribute to the crime statiscs. The police don’t bother with little scroats like that. Selby IS a chav town yet there is a lot I like about it and the people who live there. And i do know about crime but I’m not a dummy. I unfortunately have a criminal record, which I am not proud of. On the other hand I also have a DipHE and a BSc in biochemistry. I do not agree for a second that my writing was misleading or ‘bullsh*t’. Try and remember that I was not attacking all the people in Selby – this site is called chavtowns…and if you say Selby isn’t one then I believe you are full of your own bullsh*t.

  • Tom

    Well i have lived in Selby and surrounding villages all my life and i agree “chavs” are around but the majority of the youth like me are normal and like all types of music and don’t dress like retards. Crime is low in Selby and figures prove this, however it is the minority of chavs so to speak who cause most of the crime!

    The worst thing about selby is the nightlife, which is shocking and is crammed full of this minority who wear henleys and rockport and burberry like no tomorrow. On the whole this article is quite frankly bullsh*t due to the fact that Selby is no worse than any other place and in some cases better.

  • Andy

    Right, I have lived in Selby all my life and i would consider myself normal, I base this on the fact that i dress well, know how to read and write unlike most of these scroats, i dont wear a cap and the thought of burberry makes me feel ill. On a saturday night there are a supprising number of ordinary folk and very nice respectable girls to be found in the town. However most of the points made in the above statement are scarily accurate, the scroats/dregs of humanity are mostley found outside the pubs as generally anyone inside a pub or club will make some kind of an effort to look good. What annoys me the most about selby is the youth, i am 22 and it shocks me to walk past pre pubescent chav scum and get aload of grief off them as you are clearly twice the size of them and twice as nasty but they have no fear and are constantly asking for a beating, i would never have dreamed of griefing out someone like myself when i was that age, the question has to be asked where are the parents of these people? and the answer is probably in the gypsey moth or mabey the friendship or some other poor selby pub.get a grip selbyvillians and grow up.

  • Fisikz

    Right iv lived in selby most my life yes i know its full of chavs but even at best most of these r given a bad name and just like the style of dress and it takes a person to look past the hoodies and caps ect and realise there is a person there who is just wanting some thing to do and for the drunk and drugs that is mostly caused due to there is nothing at all todo which is beyond a joke! currently left 2 year back due to one reason no job and nothing to do not the people that lived there!! :@

  • Polz

    if u didnt notice he did mention ‘I have met an abundance of locals who are genuinely nice people’ So if u had paid attention he didnt say evry 1 from selby were bad people!

    Not only has selby become a chav town, it has started to turn surrounding villagers into cahvs such as in Wistow and Cawood where i have spent much of my life!

  • southwesterner

    not everyone in selby is bad, i was born and bred in selby and even tho the society is being over taken by chavs it doesnt mean u can hate the town just because of the people that live in it!!