Living in York
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Yorkshire

After making some trips to York over the years I wanted to move there. The opportunity came up through work, I moved from a known bad area of the country. Two years later I have given up and moved out of York entirely.

It somehow managed to be worse than the original area I came to get away from. I visited Harrogate a year back and noticed that most of the people were either very affluent or the real dregs of society. York is virtually the same now.

Living in York can be very nice, if you can afford to pay £300,000+ for a house. If not you will end up paying over the odds to live in a very questionable area. For less money than I paid here have now bought a newer, bigger house in a nice residential area with good commuter links, etc.

The council are clueless and only interested in ripping off tourists. Other councils I have experienced actually know how to run a place. This one would be better suited to run a theme park. The police force is laughable and totally inadequate, a similar setup where I came from would have led to mob rule. It appears that one train full of drunk race-goers brings the town to its knees. I know York is actually a city but after seeing other cities it really is a town.
Yorkshire people are said to be the friendliest in the country, haven’t met too many of those while here, all the locals seem to be belligerent morons.

So wake up middle-class and get out of York before it bankrupts or kills you and leave it to the slobs and the snobs.


Mr Long Gone

  • Can’t think of a witty name

    York is a beautiful city. And, what’s more, it’s full of lovely people. They can all read.

    And, what’s more, it is a city. A big city. It’s certainly sizeable – 200,000 people live there. It has a cathedral, city walls, a big train station, several thousand museums and TWO universities. It’s not just some village off the A1 where everyone is two-faced and inbred. Quite the opposite.

    Of course you could say I’m biased, because I was born in York. And I lived there, and I love the place. But if I’m biased, then what about you? Apparently we’re all belligerent morons. I’m not sure who that says more about – me or you – but I can safely say that the people of York on the whole aren’t belligerent morons.

    Then there’s the council. Admittedly they’re not the best, but it could be so much worse. Check out Canterbury city council, for instance – then you’ll see how bad it could be.

    Trust me, the drunks don’t come from York. And, what’s more, whenever I’m in the city centre I haven’t thought ‘oh no, drunk racegoers’ – I don’t see them. If there’s no hyperbole there, then I don’t know what hyperbole is.

    So, in short, you’re wrong. Sorry, but it was going to end up that way if you post something so idiotic.