Living in Potters Bar
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in East Anglia, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Words almost fail me when it comes to describing Potters Bar. I had the misfortune of having to work here for 2 years, and when I think back to the harrowing experiences that went through here I find a black cloud of depression descending on me, that only a valium and double scotch can ease.

Many people will be familiar with the name from the tragic train crash that happened here, an event that I myself witnessed. But I am sad to say that I was more traumatised by the behaviour of the indigenous populace, the sheer bovine stupidity of the residents of this town planning nightmare of a town. A small, yet tasteful memorial garden was established nearby as a tribute to those who lost their lives in the crash – it took just one week before this garden was used as a public urinal by the local kids, and only another 4 weeks until it had become something closely resembling a landfill site.

How I recall the way my heart sank as the train pulled into the station, not before giving me a view from the railway bridge of the den of iniquity that is Darkes Lane. The first thing you will see is the ubiquitous Drive-Thru (sic) McDonalds, compulsory c**v rendez-vous. I remember a time when crossing the road to avoid the inevitable taunts and witless comments from the spotty, malnourished urchins hanging around outside the aforementioned fast food outlet, only to happen upon a slightly older bunch of c***s (at least 16 years of age) mercilessly taunting and physically abusing a clearly distressed Staffordshire bull terrier, presumably to ‘get its blood up’ for the purposes of attacking unfortunate passers-by for the twisted amusement of these c***s. When a pensioner quite rightly reprimanded these young gentlemen and threatened to call the RSPCA she was met with a torrent of abuse and menaced with a dog chain by the larger of these charming specimens of humanity.

Whenever I’m heading on the Eastbound on the M25 and I catch a glimpse of Potters Bar from the safe vantage point of my car I find myself still wincing in pain at the unhappy memories I have of this God-forsaken place.
Right, where’s the scotch?

UPDATE 2017 – I did not write this article but I do live here. The people of this town are some of the most ignorant people I have ever seen. Rude, unkind, you name it. The council is more than happy to put on a “music festival” but somehow can’t find the money to fix it’s potholes. If you are under the age of 60, this town is not for you. It’s overrun by old people. I hate old people. The bus and train station is poorly organised. Taxi drivers who don’t know what brakes are, the narrow little road they have to park in and the constant traffic around the immediate area is shocking. They can’t just move the station but the layout of that road could surely be better.

  • nottrue

    I’ve lived in potters bar since I was two years old, I’ve grown up here and have now moved to hatfield.
    I’ve got to say you’re completely wrong.
    You’re forgetting about all the amazing things about PB, including the carnival every year, which celebrates the amazing people that live here and the outstanding charity work done and the town is also home to Dame Alice Owen’s school and amazing children’s schools. In terms of the younger, less civil generation that hang around, you get them everywhere and they don’t always start fights, you just seem to have been unlucky. I don’t feel misfortunate to have grown up here at all, I had an amazing childhood and Potters Bar was a great place to have seen it all.
    I think you’re very judgemental, especially if you only ever worked here for two years, never having actually lived here and experienced all there was to see and do.

  • Brad

    i liv in poters’ bar and its sik.
    thers loads off stuf too do and the poeple theyre are reely freindly.

  • Hey me and my partner bought our house here 3 years agonand love the area and people

    we are both from north London and would
    recommend everyone to buy people are friendly , the schools
    are one of the top schools in the uk Its peaceful
    and to those who have a family would want to live in a place like this
    I agree if u think Potters bar I bad you haven’t seen the rest of the country inwiuosnsay Potters bar is one of the nicest areas to love in and has links to London amazing country side house prices rising up in the area and fast it’s just lovely

  • RobbieWhatsit

    I’ve lived in PottersBar for about 8 years now. It’s not an especially awful place to live, except there’s F**K ALL to do. Me and my mates have tucked into a few domino’s pizzas at the memorial on a few occasions.. it’s quite nice tbf. My mate got mugged once but other than that, it’s not the worst place I’ve been.

  • quim

    You have led a very sheltered life if you think potters bar is bad!

  • I live in potters bar and have done for my whole life. I agree its a sh*t hole but its on the way up i think. There are still the little spotty twats outside mcdonalds, and furzfield…but hey what you going to do eh?

    Just to add, the memorial is relatively well looked after now which is nice 🙂

  • ram

    my bird lives thee and she is buff

  • Do you live in Potters Bar? If so, you have my deepest sympathy.