Living in Margate, Kent
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Kent, South East, United Kingdom

Margate has its charms (beautiful weather and a nice beach), but it’s also Chav Central. Margate chav haunts include McDonald’s, KFC and Yates’ Wine Lodge, which is the preferred watering hole to get pissed in before moving on to one of the local clubs.

Sheldons at the top of Margate high street is also another haunt, as is the Bull’s Head (the latter is favoured by an older clientele though. The Bull’s Head also boasts a parrot, whose IQ is considerably higher than some of the customers’.). During the summer (especially bank holidays), local chavs mingle with their south east London counterparts on the sea front, especially in the amusement arcades: walk past these and experience the unnerving sight of 1001 stuffed Garfields leering out at you from glass cabinets – as if being stared at by chavs weren’t enough. Local chavs dress in usual chav fashion, with logo-heavy clothes from the catalogue (pronounced “ca – a – log”), supplemented by el cheapo gear from Primark on Margate high street.

My own road is Margate life in microcosm. Nice post-Regency houses – most of them well looked after and inhabited by normal people, but a few of them with scaffolding and/or broken windows and containing chavs and pikeys, whose multitudinous children (average age 7 or thereabouts) kick footballs into everyone’s gardens or hurtle up and down the street on their bicycles, yelling endearments to each other such as “You f*****g knob ‘ead, you’re a right c**t, you are!”. Early one evening I had to go to the corner shop. As I went past one of the p***y houses, the mother (greasy hair, trakkie bottoms, fag dangling from one corner of her mouth) opened the door and shouted to her little girls playing in the street outside: “get inside right NOW, you little slags!!!!”

Depressingly, you just *know* those girls are going to turn into their mum eventually, at the point when they first realise they’re pregnant (usually at about the age of 15 or so). Speaking of chav girls, there must be an unofficial competition going on amongst Margate’s female chav population, to see who can fit the most number of gold hoop earrings in each ear. Why do they think that earring overkill is stylish? Why??

  • alison Holmes

    yet again this review as every single other review on the site is written by the owner. All exactly the same. All concentrated with the same grammar on his perception of ‘chavs’ He hasn’t been to any of these places and has entered all reviews himself from scouring the internet. A complete work of fiction from a man desperate for hits.

  • Calm down. Promote Equality

    1) If places like Margate, Thanet don’t develop an economic engine that can provide stable work, then it’s just an uphill battle. But that said, I really do think that we have evidence that investing in people, especially kids and young people, can make a difference. Whether it’s the mentor-level investing, one-on-one, or a program that works hard with infants and very young children on language development and early childhood issues, [or] programs that invest in kids.

    2) Number of interventions documented show that investing pays off. When we invest in kids, they are less likely to get into trouble with the law, less likely to have children out of wedlock, more likely to finish school and get a steady job and form stable families. Think of the savings if we make pre-school investments and avoid prison costs. But we don’t make those investments.

    3) Most people on welfare don’t really want to be on welfare, as a rule. They’d rather be working, and they’d rather have their kids succeed. So we want to structure our investments in ways that reward work and provide the kind of supports that help people have stable families. The point is we have lot’s of evidence now about what does work, but we are cutting programs and not trying new things these days. Not investing in our ”lost children”

    4) Elected leaders must act in the public interest, not their own self-interest.

    5) Fundamental change probably will only come when those in these poor regions raise their voice and work for change, and when those of us who do not live in poor communities see our own best long-term interest realized in making these investments that will open up opportunities for mobility. We need a combination of investing resources in training at the right level so that it could really make a difference, and figuring out ways to expose people, especially kids, to another way of doing things and another set of aspirations for themselves that may be the root of starting a turnaround.

  • abbie

    I have lived in Cliftonville the crapest area of margate for the last 6+ months. Although there are roads you should steer clear from I rent out an annexe and the road I live in IIs beautiful and had no problems. Just have to use common sense really and find out info from locals instead of slagging it off to high heaven when no one actually thinks about the bigger picture

  • Johnny W

    I went to Margate in the 70’s – my mum grew up nearby in Birchington in WWII. Back then it was great – typical fun seaside holiday place – loads going on. Dreamland was still open and Margate Caves and the Shell Grotto were well worth a visit. Sun, sand, sea, fish’n’chips. Such a shame, reading the comments here – it has so much to offer. I doubt people were any “posher” back then, but most people knew how to behave themselves and have a good time without acting like a bunch of criminals.

    Sadly, seaside towns seem to be blighted with being run down nowadays. Take Hastings: smashing old town, caves, cool events from time to time like Jack-in-the-Green (Mayday). But any other time – oh god…

  • Sonny buoy

    Hi folks I’m on holiday in margate at the moment and I’m afraid to report it is a total chavathon. Never ever witnessed so many bad tattoos so much bad language and worrying behaviour than in margate.
    Every other guy on the beach has a can and a fag giving it some attitude either shouting or complaining about something. I’m from west yorkshire so im used to no frills saturday night behaviour but this is something else a reckless desperately bored bad attitude pervades at night. A self styled refuge for agressive daytime boozer losers the majority seem to have given up or just lost the plot it’s rough as guts.
    I can’t imagine what this place is like in winter awash with fozen vomit and raw red flesh.
    Nothing wrong with a tower block but building a socking great one right on the sea front is madness it ruins the seaside feeling straight away. The charm of the old town is its saving grace but it’s a diamond in a sewerage works.

  • mat.alex

    Never been to Margate it does SOUND a bit chavvy. So you guys who moved out where did you go that is so not chavvy – everywhere is chavvy now, it’s like a being in a real life zombie movie!!! Why do people want to live like that it’s just awful.

  • Dan Burke

    You could always f**k off to where you came from?

  • Mark Gibson

    I had the great misfortune of being born and raised there! Never the less i grew to be a stirling young man! Skateboarding truly saved me and i got the hell out of dodge! I pop down to see family and old friends every once in a while but never stay too long!!!

  • Randoggy

    I think the uk is all going snobbery the reason for half the problems is because of attitudes above the welfare to work system is to blame as it allows for all of this to continue if I have another child I don’t get a pay rise yet the unemployed get one and who could blame them when it is easy to move to the seaside and not only enjoy all this money but holiday at the same time in big Tudor houses they are smart we need capping on benefits and work for benefits now.

    • GrammerNazi

      Reading this comment really took my breath away.

  • Margate back in its hayday was glorious. pl remember that its all too easy to put down another seatown that has fallen on hardtimes. There is a rare beauty in margate that still shines the beach, the gd weather when it comes and the original margeateons. x

  • Frog

    I was on holiday in Canterbury and went to visit Margate… I wonder if this place has been touch by some Chernobyl clouds, really!
    The beach is bad, dirty, the sea looks disgusting, the smell is aweful, and the people look so so weird!!! The worst English place untils this week-end was Luton, now it is Margate!!

  • Michael Straker

    I live in Basildon which seems to be on par with comments written by other people. It saddens me to say but many of the towns in this country are being swallowed up by people who are of a different culture and class. I am tempted to move to Margate or somewhere on Thanet and reclaim the streets as it were. Good respectful has to start from somewhere maybe or am I just being foolhardy here. I want to make a difference and every journey start with a single step etc. Whats your comments on this?? Michael

    • Suzy

      Hello Michael

      Yes I agree. I am moving there soon as its good value for money and I do like to be beside the sea especially as I am retiring. If I can take my dog for a walk , get in the car for local destinations, shop easily and enjoy a coastal resort without travelling to it and paying for board I’m as happy as larry or chavvy. i am a bit past hanging about in pubs so. I think a pub brawl will pass me by. For me it will provide the bonus of those little extras as well. Supplementing my day to day routines. Treating myself to a cappuccino, pastry, local boutiques, market and tourist traps. The day trippers and holidaymakers with their expectations will entertain me and liven things up. Margate and the residents can then say hello and goodbye to them in our hearts as they leave us to enjoy what they have to leave behind.

  • cavebat

    Its a great place to get stabbed,if you get the local paper every week theres always a couple of good old fashioned stabbings.Theres so many infact that you have to go on a special list to get stabbed now.Ive been waiting for ages and I think its disgusting that immigrants to this country should jump the cue and get stabbed before me.I was born and bread in Margate and I havnt been stabbed at all,or bottled for that matter.And these bloody immigrants come here push to the front of the cue and get stabbed willy nilly,Ive even heard of some of them getting stabbed twice in one week,I think its bloody disgusting.

    • Salome


  • Good blog.Added it to my bookmark…Margate « Chavtowns

  • kentishmale

    Very, Very well written. Well done Sir.

  • Whiteman

    I have visited Margate twice due to a mate living there, poor sod, what a sh*thole, they have so many chavs that speak so many different languages, chavism is truly international!

  • lips

    I was actually born in the lovely place & some of my family still live there (unfortunate for them) my parents saw sense & removed themselves from the hole they call Margate.

    Even when i return to visit family, it actually makes me cringe…. what would i have ended up like?……..