Living in or moving to Luton, Bedfordshire
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Bedfordshire

Well what can I say about this absolute s**t hole.

I had the misfortune of living in Luton for just over a year. I was lucky, being that I lived in Leagrave; pretty posh for Luton. But still a complete dump.

When I first moved to Luton I decided to walk to work to try and keep fit. Little did I know that I would have to walk through an area that you could safely describe as Gaza Strip aka Bury Park. I could not believe my eyes of what I saw.

I kid you not I saw a police raid on a house using a battering ram to bash down the door to a drug den s**t hole. I wouldn’t mind but this was just before 8am in the morning. You can imagine what it was like walking home at night.

It didn’t take me long to realise I should get the train to work. The local train company was First Capital Connect; a suitable train company for such a s**t hole of an area. Everyday going to work on a train that should have been discontinued in the 1960s.

Walking into a pub in Luton meant putting your life on the line. Nobody spoke to anyone and if you looked at someone the wrong way; then you should expect a glass in your face.

One of the most shocking moments of my year stay in Luton was on Christmas day. Where I went with my friend in his car to pick up some relatives. Only for my friend to point out the local McDonald’s. Explaining to me that it gets busier every year. I could not believe my eyes. The place was full of chav scum families having their Christmas dinner in McDonald’s. It wasn’t like a couple of families. The place was absolutely heaving with chav’s.

As summed up by someone at work who was visiting from the Prague office.

“I didn’t know what to expect from Luton. I was a little concerned because most friends I spoke with described it as England’s Toilet.”

I laughed when he said it because it was funny. Sad thing though; its the best description for such a s**t tip town.

  • Sara

    you’re welcome to it, Jethro.

  • LutonisSHIT!

    most places are run-down/chavvy estates.

  • LutonisSHIT!

    multicultural? haha…like most towns in the UK, eh?

  • LutonisSHIT!

    agreed, sir.

    i spent most of my life there.

    too many low-class people/chavs.

    not enough good entertainment.

    sh*t facilities for a town of its size.

    i’;m glad i moved from there….shows the GRAND example of a town that is really SH*T and a place NOT to live in!!!!

  • London Betch

    Luton is not London. It’s Bedfordshire.

  • Mansur Miah

    I’m not even gonna bother to attempt to sound intelligent about this. This dude’s a pussy. He was too scared to walk through bury park which in my opinion is actually a pretty safe area and he was scared to look people in the eyes when he walked into pubs. He’s a snob who’s lived the majority of his life sheltered from poorer communities and has just jumped to the conclusion that these people are worthless, feral and out for his blood. Not once has he mentioned an occasion where he was a victim of a negative situation. Yet for some reason he was constantly fearful for his life. The only thing he was a victim of was his own ignorance and that feat is something that is not welcome in a community as diverse as the one in Luton.

  • David Powell

    Although Luton has a ‘bad’ reputation, I think its over-done. When I went to college there in the 60s – no serious problems. When I lived there in the 90s it was less safe, but I never personally witnessed any serious problems and I lived in a block of flats in a slightly seedy area. Where I live now, I was a few metres away from where a woman was shot dead in front of the store I was in [I was just about to come out of the store]; when I was in a good quality shopping mall, I witnessed an armed hold-up when several shots were fired within a few metres of where I was eating. Our house has been burgled twice. Yes, shootings and crime are not uncommon here, yet its not such a terrible place to live. The whole world is getting worse in my experience, so wherever you live, you just do your personal best. By the way, just to show my age and ignorance of modern expressions, I don’t know what a ‘chav’ is????

  • rachel

    What a load of tosh, take your negative view and stick it up your arse, it’s people like you who give Luton a bad name. IF YOU DONT LIKE IT YOU KNOW WHAT YOU CAN DO.