Living in Kirkby
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Kirkby…. notable for what?? Absolutely F**K ALL!!!!

I have limited (for which I’m VERY grateful) experience of Kirkby. I work in Liverpool, and have to travel via Kirkby train station each day. This is just a nightmare for people like myself (you know…. human)

Kirkby train station is the link between Manchester and Liverpool’s train stations, and it separates the 2 train lines (why on earth I don’t know…) but this is nothing more than the portal between reality, and hell!

The chavs that populate the bridge above the station are the trolls from fairy tales, only on top of the bridge instead of beneath. Newton discovered gravity in 1687. In 2014, the s**t of the earth, more commonly known to us as “chavs”, that populate Kirkby have decided to test his theory using bricks. I’m glad that in my wait for the next train I have to endure something akin to a day in the life of a resident in Baghdad…. it’s nice to know these little shits will gladly come out even in the rain just to continue this bombardment of the “evil” people that wait patiently for the train either to or from work, just so we can pay for these little shits to afford the beer (for beer read piss!) they drink on a daily basis instead of doing the decent thing and getting a job!

The scheming little shits will even take the time to slide down the embankment next to the bridge just to avoid paying the measly £3 train fair into Liverpool when they can get their white shell suits covered in s**t…. then again, what’s the saying “it’s the wearer that makes the clothes?” Quite apt really!

And as for the “lovely ladies”, I happened to be on a train yesterday, sat next to an adorable chavette who decided to discuss her sexual antics with “fella of the week” Martin, to her 13yr old little brother. Some of the stuff she does with these guys would cost a fortune off a pro, so guys, get in with Kirkby chicks because it’s cheap…. then again, they do look cheap!!! However, when her brother asked about David who’s name we shouldn’t mention…. (he’s presumably slept with her best mate!) she told him to shut up and mind his own business…. So you’ll gladly tell him about you, Martin and the kitchen table but you don’t want to think about David??? I can see you’re a really emotional person who’s just “misunderstood”…

All in all, this isn’t a complete rant about Kirkby, just an insight into my very limited (once again, thanks God, I couldn’t have done it without ya!) experiences of this s**t-infested hellhole that is part of Merseyside! I’m just glad I only have to endure about 20 minutes a day of this s******e.

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  • Rita Fowell

    Judging by the ranter dissing Kirkby, he doesn’t exactly sound very articulate himself. I am disabled and ride my scooter across the bridge everyday and, not once have I witnessed any untoward behaviour in the area. Any youths I have come across have always treated me with the utmost respect. I love Kirkby, I love the people of Kirkby, I am an outsider who has lived in Kirkby twenty odd years now. The people are friendly and helpful, I would not live anywhere else. Of course there are bad apples, but doesn’t every town and city have them?.

  • D Graham

    Only cowards are anonymous. I live in Kirkby and what you have described s one small issue that goes on everywhere. We should be teaching teenagers pride and self respect, rather than glamourising the likes of Jeremy Kyle’s show!!

  • Ellis

    Like the post by Andrew, I also got away from Huyton. The very day after I left Seel Road for good. I had a few more quid with me than Andrew had, but the result was the same for me. I travelled the world and sttled in Thailand, Malaysia and Australia for a few years. Like Andrew I’ve been all over the world and met many ex-pat Brits who will never return to the UK for any reason because they hated where they were born and raised. Like Andrew the first thing I got rid of was the ridiculous bond the catholic church had over me, or should I say ‘stranglehold’? Once the infuence of ignorance and superstition was forever broken, my natural prejudices melted away. I now live in New Guinea and grow coffee and tobacco on my 2K hec farm in the central highlands. Two thousand hectares of good land may not be all that much but if I’d stayed in Huyton like so many of my school chums did. Three of my mates became hopeless alcoholics and one died from suicide. Another contracted AIDs and died.
    Anderw is right. All you youngsters who want a better life, go out and get it for yourselves. Huyton is a craphole. It always was and always will be.