Living in Horsham, West Sussex
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in United Kingdom, West Sussex

Horsham. So far up its own ahole. All the same chav behaviour as Crawley but with more so called middle class kids also being wannabes. Horsham Park looks like a battlefield every morning after a half decent warm summer day. Dirty peasants. Lots of council estate kids (Roffey, Horsham’s answer to Crawley’s Bewbush) and middle class backbrimmed baseball cap gangster wannabes. YAWN. Lots of nicely educated kids (Horsham _does_  have good schools) talking the Estuary, poor sad wannabe chav fucks. Also one of the most racist towns in south of england. If you are a black kid, not good. Always sniping about Crawley and ‘the asians’ but reluctant to look at their own ethnically cleansed little loves.

Drugs, drink the same problem as anywhere else, just in denial – again take a look at all the crap in the park. Lived in London many years and beats it for disrespect of surroundings hands down.

Also the most miserable discourteous bunch of wannabe middle class commuter sad fucks in the under 50ish age group. Nobody lets you out of a side turning if you are driving. Dubai, Tag Heur, Rolex on credit-all key points of aspiration.

Get lots of lumpen headed van drivers moving to Horsham now from Crawley-thinking they are going up in the world but bringing their bad attitude with them.

Over priced housing esp. when you think you are then still mixing it with ex Crawley wannabes who think the sun shines out of their ‘I’m white me, I have the power’ selfish once a chav always a chav arses.

Lots of families with remarried mum and dad and mixed genepool 2.4 kids. Sadly this influx is making it hard for the really nice, decent people who have lived here for years to fight a rearguard action. Like I say, a hotspot for wannabes who will never learn about ‘class’ and I don’t mean as in ‘class structure.

Oh and now we have a hydroponics shop aka DIY store for every sad wannabe ganja grower gangster in the ghetto of West Sussex.

Overrated, overpriced, up its arse boring, bland s******e

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  • mike

    i think he is saying the truth, it is the most racist town, boring and plenty of chavs, i have been living in horsham for almost a year and really hate it, the house price is bit too much for this are , over priced as there is nothing to do here, i cant wait to move away from this place, the local will never accept as their owns , take it or live it , there are not plenty of accommodation so the landlords will have drain your pocket, and the best of this is you will get the horsham smile so it is better not smile or say hello to the locals as it result in the most sarcastic smile you have ever seen.

  • ies

    Yeah..good assessment..I’ve just sold my house! Goodbye Horsham..and I won’t be coming back fooking shitehole.

  • Isette

    I had to move to Crawley because of a job and moved after 6 months of living there.
    Crawley is a crap town with mostly working class chav people and a lot of Asians. It´s an ugly boring little town with chav shops and pubs and nearly no intelligent people to hook up with.
    After 3 months in Crawley I felt so depressed I had to move back to London. When I finally moved into my flat in Barnes I felt like a human being again surrounded by other decent human beings.
    My colleagues couldn´t understand why I chose to commute every day but it was worth every second.

    Crawley – never ever again.

  • Sam


    I think you are way off and I dont even live in Horsham.

    Jealousy is an ugly emotion my friend…

  • Rebecca

    Stevie, How about you move out of Horsham if it’s so sh*t?I was born and bred. Save up some f**king money, go buy a house somewhere else and stop your f**king moaning you old c**t.

  • Annie

    Dear Stevie,

    I moved out of Horsham 9 years ago to Bath, having spent most of my educated life there. I agree, Horsham does have good schools and it does have the average youth hanging around the streets but this is also the same in most places e.g Bath.
    Most of my family and friends still live in Horsham with the majority of them living in Roffey and there is no problem with it what so ever. What you have to know is that the culture, as sad to say it, is a lot different down south then say London and up north. I believe that it is not necessarily that the town is racist but that perhaps children have not been socialised in to the cultures which you are talking about, which of course is completely wrong. I think you will find a big change within the next couple of years because most of the people in Horsham are good people, no different from anywhere else, its just that there is no other news apart from the bad acts that you are talking about to bring it out of its bad reputation.

  • Claire Carroll

    Dear Stevie,

    Can you explain to me please the problem you identify in the existence of “families with remarried mum and dad and mied genepool 2.4 kids”. As a person with several friends and loved ones who have gone through the heartbreak of marital breakdown and divorce, some of whom have been successful in building new and happy lives with subsequent spouses, Im confused why this “influx” is to be viewed as negative.

    Kindest Regards