Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Yorkshire

I’m surprised that Harehills, in north-east Leeds, has barely been mentioned anywhere on this site. It has got to be one of the worst places to live in Britain.  It’s unbelievable to think now, that this was once an affluent area. People aspired to living here and it adjoined what was then referred to as ‘New Leeds’.

Today, a walk around this fallen idyll reveals takeaways, bookmakers and horrible corner shops. Some are so dirty that it would be a good idea to have a tetanus jab BEFORE you went in. And as for those that frequent them: well…

Welcome to the underclass. Those who barely survive on benefits but would rather do this than work. These people will have a sausage and some canned spaghetti, or a bowl of cereal for an evening meal. However, there is always enough money for booze, drugs and cigarettes. They walk around the streets in a haze under their effect even at noon.

Of course, if there isn’t enough money, these hapless folk can – and do – always resort to begging. Not giving is met with their sneering and envious disapproval, just as much as giving is. And. if you happen to be walking through this place and are well-dressed, you will be. targeted in this way.

If you happen to live here – well, beware of the witches and devils who live next door !

  • Joe Bloggs

    Reads like the ranting of an old git, who has left the logical side of their brain back in the 1960/70s and despite it now being the 21st century, and technology increasingly diminishing the needs for human labour, thinks Britain is capable of full employment. Shall we brush under the carpet that the UK has a job vacancy deficit of 1.3m? No, people are lazy, that must be it!

    Just like a lot of people your age and/or economic stature, you have become completely detached from the reality of what this country and communities like Harehills are going through. Instead you regurgitate the the sh*t you are spoon fed by the Daily Mail or Daily Express, right-wing propaganda published by billionaires. You blame the poor for being poor, rather than pointing the finger at the neoliberal vermin you vote for, for creating the underclass of beggars you hate. They are a bi-product of your self-serving, self-centred attitude, outlook and political convictions.

    Let’s get down to some basic calculations. If someone smokes 20 budget cigarettes a day and claims Job Seeker’s Allowance, they will be spending, £50 of their £71 JSA, leaving £21 for “booze” and essentials like food and power. Can you see what you’re spouting is total and utter nonsense and grossly out-of-touch? No? Stop watching Benefit Street!

    What kind of person sneers at and derides people (who may have been sanctioned for not finding those jobs that don’t exist) who have been reduced to begging on the street. Only someone who has become so propagandised, so bitter, that you have essentially become dehumanised. A total sociopath.