Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Gloucester is truly the most horrific city you’ll ever visit. It is completely devoid of any hope or ambition. Most towns have a few bad areas but Gloucester has only bad areas, and the highlight of the city centre is Primark.

The residents are a lovely mix of unintelligible immigrants and fat, ugly chavs whose only occupation is to drink outside one of the many empty shops that blight the seagull infested streets. Though Gloucester has a beautiful cathedral, this only succeeds in highlighting the monstrosities that dominate the skyline, including the bus station, muti-storey car park, hospital and prison.

It really says something about the IQ of Gloucester residents when the only building they destroy during the riots was already earmarked for demolition.


By: Jack

  • skinhead

    after living all over the uk, i can confirm gloucester is a pot of p!ss. do not go there. there is nothing to see. it really is an empty shell.

  • T

    Sad to say after living here for a while I have to agree with most of the above. The scum really pull the place down and anyone here with anything about them is either on the way out or planning it. Nothing in this rural backwater to recommend it save the high quality drugs sold from the smoking area at the rear of The Old Bell. I hereby nominate Gloucester for largest village in the UK, if only for the fact that boring meaningless gossip is treated more highly than current events.

  • Rather you

    Horrible place where interbreeding certainly seems to encouraged, move the cathedral and turn the rest into a car park.

  • Jack Frost

    I come from Gloucester and I bet you are from London where all the gay people and chavs come from. Go get a life, nobody loves you. I am Jack Frost and I will freeze your party hats.

  • sandfly

    What on earth is wrong with these people that write articles about our great cities and towns in the UK. Have they nothing better to do than to run them down. Obviously they have a downer on life and living as well as their surroundings.To make up stupid inane comments and comparisons that deride their local towns must give them some sort of kick that they cannot get anywhere else in their miserable little lives. Grow up you pathetic people and find something worthwhile to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • br

    glouscter has more than one club 😛 itsgot fever fusion liquid and one by the pool and theres cafe rene for those who dont like chaves

    • wx

      “for those who dont like chaves”.. Gloucester has it all then!

  • paul morgash

    Gloucester is the epitome of defeat snatched from the jaws of victory. What I mean to say is that, for example, Walsall is often cited as a dump of a town centre but has always been so before the ghastly 1960’s revamp. Gloucester has been turned into one by the planners, square ‘architecture’ of slum 1960/70’s design that was a copy of
    Ceaucescu’s ‘new’ Rumania before he and his kleptocratic wife were shot against a wall. We see this crapola nestled against grand old buildings, the most notable example being King’s Square.

    The town centre is boarded up at the periphery, and is a classic example of ‘bookies,banks,bakers,bars and bargain shops’ that some towns have now become. Now socially, the town is hopeless. It used to have 4 or 5 nightclubs but now has one, the grotty ‘Liquid’ in Eastgate Street. Eastgate Street is the social centre of the town with strings of chav bars and unhygienic immigrant takeaway shops alternating along the chip-strewn seagull sh*t-encrusted pavements. In between a few immigrant
    newsagents where you can buy (unwittingly) fake tobacco and cigarettes and spirits. As you walk up there on a Friday or Saturday night, stepping over the rivulets of frothing urine meandering across the pavements from each alley and shop doorway, you are of courseconfronted by the chavs and chavettes.

    The chavettes are worse; underdressed in the winter, short tops with a roll of flab hanging out from under, a cheap chrome trinket nailed through their navels, they holler obscenities at each other as they slide down the greasy pavements swigging from their alcopop bottles and plastic glasses, often dressed up as policewomen or some other guise in their attempts to look like they’ve got something to celebrate. This is despite the Wests’ attempts to cull them back in thew 1990’s. When they get to a bar, they will immediately pose for a stupid contrived photograph which is no doubt destined for Faecebook in their pathetic attempts to convince other no-marks that they have had ‘fun’.

    The place is poor, a low-rent low-wage economy. This is seen in the size of the people, young women especially. They would look normal in Tonga, but there must be a local incentive system to be obese. I counted 7/10 females one night in the town as being overweight. The opposite is true in Cheltenham. Over there, the scummers are mostly confined to one out-of-town area so most of the town is decent to live in. In Gloucester you are always next to a scummer area. The locales of Gloucester are:Dreadworth, Matscum, Roughley, Shabbeymead, Shabbeydale, Sh*te City, Stoney Hill, Taintbridge, Binden and Sodsmead. Avoid them all. If you are unfortunate enough to be posted there through work, live in a village outside the city, go shopping in an out-of-town park and you’ll never need to go into the khazi.

    As is usual, the town is blighted by the effects of unmetered third-world and E.European immigration. Romanian beggars and shoplifters, Polish alcoholics, black muggers and drug dealers and we’ve even had the honour of two of our muzzies being convicted of terror offences. This is of course, in addition to our indigenous Saturday night yobs and dosser-street drinkers which lurk by every cash machine. They also infest the Cathedral area, the one green space in the city centre. There are so many that there is now even a ‘wet area’ to keep them off the streets, where they can imbibe White Lightning, Tennent’s Super-Strengh and Carlsberg Special Brew paid for by us taxpayers, at their leisure. I hope the cans are being recycled.

    So, to summarize: move into the town, or visit it, at your peril. Just to avoid your vehicle being plastered in seagull sh*t is reason enough to stay away, notwithstanding the above. Being filthy, the town is a magnet for the KFC-gulls. If you have kids, make sure to live in a village outside, where other kids speak English and actually want to learn subjects aside from swaggering down the street with their arses hanging out of their cretinous trousers. A more socially bereft place you’d struggle to find.

    Oh, I forgot! The much-vaunted redevlopment of the Old Docks. The derelict crumbling Victorian red-brick monstrosities, sitting next to the halfway houses and drug hostels in Llanthony Road……..now they are Victorian red-brick monstrosities, sitting next to the Halfway houses and drug hostels in Llanthony Road…ermm…with some poncey shops and a resurfaced car park.

    • I’m your fat English mother

      Are you a racist ? If you are go f**k yourself

      I concur – Admin