Living in Fleckney, Leicestershire
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in East Midlands, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

I cannot believe that nobody has included this in-bred smelly dive in this site yet! First and foremost, Fleckney is a small town south of Leicester. To those who know Leicester, they will also know the words that the chavs like to say a lot, and they way that they say it:

Fish and Chip Shop = “Chipp-ehhhh”
Newsagents = “News-ehhhhh”
Fleckney = “Fleckn-ehhhhhhhh”
Car = “Mo-urr”

Driving into Fleckney down the A6 from Leicester you enter a council-esque array of small-town dull houses on Leicester Road. If you dare to enter the Recreation Ground (“Rec-ehhhhh”) and manage to get out unharmed you will be scarred for life by the myriad of chavs hanging out on the see-saws and roundabouts shouting abuse and leaving fag ends and drug-related articles for the children next morning. As you leave the crap graffiti mecca and move into the village centre, you will see ‘Spars’, the ‘News-ehhhh’, the ‘Post-ehhhhhh’ and the ‘Chip-ehhhhh’ clustering around a small strech of road called High Street. Chavs love to park their mo-urrrrs outside the Chip-ehhhhh and have a smoke and meet fellow chavs to chat about their hard days graft at the industrial estrate ‘Dustrial’.

Younger chavs hang out around the garage on a wall outside an old-peoples nursing home called Brookside Gardens. ‘Brookies Wall’.

Anyway, avoid this town like the plague.

  • Deborah

    And all this rubbish statement from somebody who grew up in Cardiff??!!!? Enough said!!!!

  • Gary Clarke

    I just moved here after 40 years in London and it’s BLISS ! The children are polite, the shop-staff are friendly and helpful, the residents are friendly. A breath of fresh air!

  • Ghetto Gary

    Fleckerz is da place to be at init man. I alwayz chillin at da chipeh with ma main man deej ‘nd pinkeh and we neva see any trouble or owt. Propa nice village, and like dat bum ting said, it ain’t a town…Duhhhh!!

  • badmansallday

    fleckneys a ghetto mans get shot on the regs trust fam you dont wanna go there unless its fior a ting as fleckneys got the pengest tings

  • S Jackson

    I’ve lived in Fleckney for 30 years, it’s a great village.
    Who wrote this load of rubbish, It’s a Co-op shop not a Spar shop and has been for years.

  • s

    have never heard so much crap in my whole life!! fleckney is a lovley friendly village open countryside,good school,get a grip op clutching at straws to include a nice little village in your pathetic chav TOWNS what an idiot

  • Carol

    The person who wrote the above rubbish about Fleckney, obviously knows nothing about our village – note I said village and not a town as they wrongly state. You have to laugh ‘graffiti mecca’this person obviously doesn’t get out much and sees the real graffiti mecca’s and run down estates. We have a charming duck pond that you often see children feeding the ducks, a lovely school, open fields around us and am I proud to say I live in a village that cares about people and I feel safe to walk around it at any time of the night which I wouldn’t feel safe doing in the city. For the record we do not have a ‘nursing home’ either. Get your facts right who wrote the above rubbish.

  • Sarah Slean

    I’m not denying the chav element in Fleckney, certainly not, but, like all municipalities, there are good things and bad things about it. I personally know several very learned, well-traveled and knowledgeable individuals who are born and bred in Fleckney, or have chosen to settle down there. When you have spent sufficient time there, please revisit your opinion.