Eastbourne, East Sussex, Property Guide and Review
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in East Sussex, South East, United Kingdom

Eastbourne was once a sleepy seaside resort, where the elderly would flock in their thousands to block our beds in the General District Hospital, and eventually die. But, with the introduction of the chav species all of this has changed.

No longer are evening walks around the promenade an option. Packs of townies hang out along this stretch of the coastline to smoke weed, throw pebbles at seagulls (and each other) and to generally be chavvy. Nightly brawls are almost guaranteed – especially now that the goth and sk8er movements are on the increase.

Chavs are found all over the town, but there are four areas in particular: Old Town (Old Townie), Shinewater (Crimewater), Hampden Park (Hampden Pike) & Seaside. I happen to live in Old Town myself, but in a rather more posh part I’m pleased to add.

In this part of town, the chavs hate everyone, and each other. There are a number of gangs who congregate at the Recreation Ground (The Wreck) and outside Safeways on Friday nights. The odd gathering can be spotted on Victoria Drive outside the shops, and in Motcombe and Gildridge Parks. It seems that chavs enjoy the company of one another, even if they struggle to express this without violence or bling.

Moving on now to Shinewater. I visit this part of Eastbourne regularly as it is the home of my church. This is considered to be the most dangerous part of town where worryingly large groups of chavs meet to vandalise the Community Centre, and to terrorise (and often assault) passers by. I have sympathy for the Shinewater chavs though; the Council built several hundred council homes in this area in the 70s and 80s and ferried in the ‘problem families’ from all over the town. With an environment such as this, the expansion of the chav culture is inevitable and people are soon sucked in. Poor chavs.

Hampden Park is relatively tame compared with the other areas I’ve mentioned. I don’t often visit this part of town, but crime levels are quite high around these parts, with sexual crime on the increase. Whilst I’m not saying that all crime is committed by chavs, it must be recognised that a lot of it is. Recently some chavs were prosecuted for raping teenage girls in the park itself… not nice at all. This district is a similar story to that of Shinewater, and so I’m reluctant to be too hard on the chavs in this area.

Finally, Seaside. The ration of chavs to non-chavs in this area is roughly 173284728070828:1 according to my calculations. Of these chavs, most are drug addicts, and many more are prostitutes. Crack dens can be found in sleazy one-bedroom flats along Seaside Road, along with regular street fights. This area is adjacent to the towns’ nightclubs, with a high concentration of pubs and bars which help to contribute to the problems in this area.

There are of course many, many more chav hangouts in Eastbourne. Schools are full of the creatures, as is the Vocational Campus of Sussex Downs College where chavs attempt to input knowledge into their brains. Most chavs are incapable of logical thought, and therefore resort to the construction centre to learn a craft that is likely to cripple or kill them in later years. Yay.

Drug dealing amongst chavs in school is common. Last year I witnessed one by the name of D**** at Cavendish School pass a package to another chav. This same chav punched a lovely lad called Joe S***** in the face in school for no reason at all. Go figure. Chavs can be found wherever one would care to look in this town, so take my advice: go to Iraq and stay there to avoid any further encounters with the chav race.

Link to Eastbourne Council’s website.

  • Sy


  • Rodney marsh

    Yes seaside has a problem with addicts! But I fear your interpretation is that of an ignorant middle class school boy and by using the term Chav you are demonising the working class and creating a bigger social divide between rich and poor! Yes Eastbourne has violence and a lot of unemployed but if you got out of your cosy little middle class bubble up in old town for 5 minutes and actually went to city you would see that Eastbournes problems are laughable in comparison!
    You sir are a d**k

  • ham

    i lived in ebo my hole lyfe I hav, its sik I go to my m8s for bong mixes he livs in shine water so I can gt a benZ of jimmy thn pop rund. luv ebo represent fuk FedEx

  • Bobleymar

    I have lived in Eastbourne for around 2 months now. I think its quite a nice place to live. As with most towns in modern Britain, if you go into town late on a Friday/Saturday there can be trouble. Nothing more than usual. It would be interesting to see crime statistics for Eastbourne VS the UK average.

  • Av-A-LAUGH

    Hey no offence to this person but i have been to this place for days out and things it is lovely there from what ive seen and part of my family used to live there and they never complained. Eastbourne has never been well known for a troublesome area, instead the whole of Great Britain recognises it as an extra large old-people’s home lol

    • Jordan

      Well you havent lived there long enough, this is about 100% true, ive been mugged myself 😛

  • Michael

    So you live in a posh part of eastbourne? I didn’t think that was possible.
    On a side note, I happen to live in a huge great big castle near the seaside, I don’t see many chavs I just see old people, lots and lots of old people

  • holmes666

    all i can say is people that talk about eastbourne can go f**k there selfs. u got to live in a place to know what its like SO F**K OFF AND ONE MORE THING F**K THE POLICE

    • Sholmes

      lol you tell em. That guy talking is just a child hateing lil bitch.

      • bobbie

        You are clearly a couple of illiterate chavs yourselves, so all you are doing is proving this person right. What a shame our once beautiful little town has been ruined by people like you. Why don’t you both go and get yourself a job instead of sitting around all day doing nothing but smoking weed, breeding children you can’t look after properly and generally being a drain on society.

  • sally

    hi, id just like you to know that not everyone who lives in these areas are all chavs.. i mean did anyone even teach you the phrase never judge a book by its cover? obviously not because this is what your all doing? your not being fair to the youth these days, just because they hang around in big groups does not mean they are chavs, maybe you should complain to the council about this as there the ones who haven’t given these so called ‘gangs’ a place to hang out that way they wouldn’t be causing anyone grief such as most of you say. everyone in the world should be given a chance and even a second chance by each other. council estates doesn’t mean ‘skanks, druggies, alcoholics or chavs’ a council estate is basically lower class because some people need help financially and for people that dont have jobs ect. not everyone has a good job and can afford nice houses and nice things for them and there families so stop moaning and if you dont like it then dont live near there, all you do is criticize and judge for yourself and dont give people a chance thats why you feel threatened, and to be honest your all snobby so move away or shut up!



  • barker

    hm i used to live in eastbourne but moved to cyprus 4 years ago.
    when you walk about during the day it seems like a very nice area and will very rarely get any trouble. as im 19 i know that younger people see more trouble. i recently went back to the drop out sh*t hole and in the 4 months i was there i hade more fights and knives swung around in my face than the 4 years i lived in cyprus. but 90% of the times i had trouble i was drunk so maybe i didnt help the situation. walking around at night is a different story “chavs” in most places and if not chavs then p*ssed up middle aged men staggering in the road. i couldnt go to the job center without somone saying “oi mate lend us a tenner” i usually thought you use the term “us” wich implys your mental, and you say lend?? yeah like ill see it again haha.
    im sorry eastbourne is a nice place during the day but at night it becomes a hell hole

  • JordanT

    WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH! I live in Old Town, and it’s one of the nicest places i’ve lived. I go to the ‘wreck’ often (by the way, its called the ‘rec’) – and see chavs there about once in a blue moon.

    Stop trying to make Eastbourne look bad. The area is lovely. I’ve never seen more than 5 chavs in the rec at a time – and I’ve been there at 10pm sometimes.

    Please speak the truth!!!!

    • Jezz

      Oh seriously, get a f**king life. Eastbourne sucks balls, JordanT, and pretty much EVERYONE near Gildredge Park (or ‘Gilly’) or the Rec in Old Town does drugs. Shut the f**k up. Get a life, and grow up.

      • john

        WTF jezz you must be deluded or on drugs yourself to think that pretty much EVERYONE does drugs in old town probably why you cant appreciate Eastbourne off your nut all the time why don’t you Get a life, and grow up yourself hate people who think they know it all when they live in there small little world in the park

  • padmeister

    i am thinking of moving to hampden park near the railway station..is it a safe place too live? whats the chav population like there, and the crime situation?

  • Since when have the Jews gone to Mecca you idiot, with knowledge like that it’s no surprise your surrounded by Chavs, and lets be frank a few of them are more than likely your kids Jbcartman


  • downy

    Eastbourne mandem f**k the police

  • darwin

    Doc, I feel your pain. I was once responsible for trying to empart knowledge into the pea brained f**kwits at Sussex Downs. Some of them after 3 years of vocational training were able to write their own names and come in out of the rain, a small achievement I know but do not be dishartened as the local chav after years of expensive schooling and good parenting normally has the good grace to kill themselves whilst trying to out run the police in the chavvy car they have just nicked, every cloud has a silver lining.

  • crunch_knuckles

    I also live in Eastbourne. Why not send them down to the local kick boxing club! We would love to meet them :o)

  • Jbcartman

    I live in Eastbourne myself and atualy in “crimewater” on Larkspur Drivel. The chavs come to this place like jews to mecca. The local shop, “Alldays” is the worst hit target of the chav scum. Living here is hell i remember a time when it was a quiet place where old people came to die. My only outlet is impact gaming in town D:

    • bobbie

      Oh dear.

      Do you mean musilms to Mecca?