Eastbourne, East Sussex, Property Guide and Review
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in East Sussex, United Kingdom

Eastbourne. It has to be one of the worst town’s in the Uk. Its about the size of Brighton & Hove. You have North Eastbourne ; Hampden Park East and West , Old Town , Ratton & Willingdon Village , Upperton and Willingdon Trees. Then you have East Eastbourne ; Kingsmere,Langney North,Langney Village,Shinewater,Langney Point & St.Anthonys,Langney West and The Sovereign Harbour and then you have Eastbourne Town ; Lower Meads , Meads , Seaside and Eastbourne Town Centre.

We are going to start of with East Eastbourne , Langney Village. Langney Village sounds like a nice place … well its not. Its where most of Eastbournes Criminal Activity is happening. Lets start with the Gangs , there is the ‘LBFL’ (Langney Boys For Life) which is centered round Pensford Drive (Langney Shopping centre Area). One of there members were put on a ASBO last year for Violence. They have been involved in three serious Assaults, burglary and other Illegal Acts. Another member had a gun put to his head but was brave to Disarm the mad man.

Then we have ‘The Langney Crewdem’ . This Gang is made up of youths ages ranging from 10-18. This Gang is centered around Langney Estate (just off of Langney Rise Road) This Gang is know to have access to Hunting Knives,Air Rifles,Gas Powered BB guns, Baseball bats, Knuckle Dusters and other Offensive Weapons. Two of there members have ASBO’s for violence, racism, public disorder and theft. The other month one of there members assaulted a 15 year old boy outside of Best One shops, they have also smashed windows and glass doors and have been caught with Weed. They Usually hang around in groups of 10 at the minimum and 25 at the maximum.

Then there is the ‘Langneyz Young Gunzz’ which are centered around Langney Estate and are joined with ‘Crewdem’ and are know to have access to Knives,Guns,Air Rifles,Knuckle Dusters,Baseball bats,BB guns and other offensive weapons. A few of the Members are Former London gang Members . The Leader , 16 year old Georgie M****** AKA ‘Gunner’ was involved in a Armed Robbery in Wandsworth 2 years ago and was also involved in other gang activity , many accounts of Assault. Now lets get of the subject of Langney Village gangs and talk about the Langney Estate. Langney Estate is pretty big and is where most of Eastbourne’s criminal activity happens. There are many crack dens, Drug houses , Run down flats , mistreated dirty dogs , single mums on drugs, drug dealers , armed youths , Vandals , Arsonists , Thieves and Criminally Insane Residents.

The main crimes round this Area are Anti Social Behaviour , Theft , Mugging , Car Theft and Assault. In the past year there has been 5 Murders , 15 Assaults , 2 Robberies , 5 Burglaries , 3 Arson Attacks , 200 Anti Social Behaviour offences , 10 Drug Dealers caught and a lot more criminal Offences. There has also been gun shots fired outside of best one shops and down the alleys of Ashgate Road and a few Armed Police Raids. Police are called to Langney Estate about 7 Times a Day minimum and 15 times Maximum , usually for public disorder and vandalism.

Now lets talk about Shinewater AKA CrimeWater AKA GrimeWater. This area is just full of Council Houses , and a lot of them are run down. Youths on Milfoil Drive are the main Problem and most of them belong to the notorious Shinewater gang … ‘The Shinewater Posse’. The other Eastbourne gangs that rival Against ‘The Shinewater Posse’ nickname them ‘The Shinewater Pussies’. This gang are known to have access to firearms and other offensive weapons and are know to have members that are Drug Dealers. Vandalism and crack houses are the main problems in Shinewater. There have been a few raids in Shinewater and most have been successful.

Then we have Kingsmere Estate. Not a Nice place but not as bad as Langney estate. It’s notorious for its Drug Raids in 2009. It’s quite run down and is full of Chavs,Pikeys and Low Life Scum.

Now we have Eastbourne Town Centre and Seaside Road. Has a major problem with Drunk and Disorderly Behaviour. Pevensey Road in Town is the most infamous road it Eastbourne. Its full of police cameras , undercover police cars and police because of the crime. Two murders in 2011 on this road and about 50 crackhouses. A NO-GO area at night.

I will update this soon with more Info.

  • Student

    Eastbourne is the most depressing s**t hole I have ever witnessed, the locals behave like inbreds who all have a secret cult against anyone not born there from their cousin. Suspicious people, very anti social and possibly murderers. Steer clear if possible I am glad I never have to go back.

  • CFandHappy

    I’m thinking of moving down there from South East London as it’s just too rough and fast moving for me up here now. Was a bit alarmed by this article but the comments are easing my mind a little! Can anyone comment on life in Eastbourne nowadays as most of these comments are from over two years ago?

    • tony

      Dear CFandHappy,
      I’d be glad to comment. I moved to Eastbourne last year (2015) from London. I had been on a good number of scouting trips beforehand to get a feel for the place before my final decision to come here and bring my family with me to settle (2 bi-racial teenage girls, and my wife from Sth Korea). People: the locals are happy to exchange a smile with you in the street and even exchange pleasantries which would quite possibly earn you a questioning look or worse in London. The friendliness of the people is one of the things which attracted me.The people seem to be very nice and happy to chat. Education: Decent schools in and around Old Town-. No madness with horrible overcrowding & insanity with catchment areas like in London. However there are more and more younger families moving in because of this and things will probably get tighter; they have already with Gildrege House Free School. There are indeed some loud yobs out very late at night after chucking out time-where doesn’t that happen in the UK? They are more bark than bite, though. Besides, if you are a family person or live in Old Town there are better pubs open to you than the cookie cutter ones on the main drag. I wouldn’t want to live around housing estates (like in Langley, Shinewater), so I didn’t buy there. Simples! Anything else, private email me at: [removed]@hotmail.co.uk
      Good luck

      • CFandHappy

        “Young families”? Oh! I thought it was an area with more older people. No thanks then.

  • Eastbourner

    So what you’re basically saying is that because Langney and Shinewater are rough, that means the whole of Eastbourne is also rough? Also, if you’re going to attempt to write an intelligent review, make sure you write it properly and without grammatical errors such as your incorrect use of ‘there’ you dumb arse.

  • Lilminxme

    Langney and Hampden Park estates are awful.. Sorry but I brought my first home there in 2001 and I spent the next year living amongst the dregs of society, while I went out to work to pay my mortgage majority of my neighbours did nothing all day. It was so depressing I sold within a year. Would never ever recommend a hard working family to buy in these areas, it’s better to have a small house in a good road than have the biggest in an awful road.
    Oh and stay away from buying near the east of the town centre..

  • miguelc

    I hate going to the town centre during on Friday evenings and the weekend I and try and avoid it like the plague.  Despite the Police and CCTV presence this does not seem to deter the stupid chavs and hooligan element looking for trouble.  I feel safer at night walking in the city centre in Madrid or London than Eastbourne.   Pevensey Road and Seaside are full of drunks and the drunk addicts.  I used to hate going to Iceland because of the neighborhood.  There are worse places to live on the South Coast like Brighton or Seaford.

    The sunshine coast of Eastbourne is nice during the day, but it changes at night.

  • chris

    Whilst Eastbourne does have a few outer areas of social exclusion and the bit to the eastern side of the town centre (Pevensy road, Seaside etc) are a little rough with HMO’s etc its generally a peaceful and nice town. Meads, Little Chelsea etc are arty lovely and well off. Your article is a little silly – even at the start you say Eastbourne is about the same size as Brighton and Hove – Eastbourne 101,000, the City of Brighton and Hove 265,000 – I wonder if your ‘facts’ are a bit like your idea of population??? Suggest you fo to east Croydon, Mile End or St Leonards – then you will see trouble!!!
    The only done side of Eastbourne is I can have an elderly feel, but our pensioners come here because its safe and clean – also has the highest sunshine hours recorded each year

  • Bill

    AVOID SOUTH HARBOR -one of the poshest area in E’b. Just left there both of my car mirrors for the sake of a subhuman night raider. And happened in 2015 (just started). Dixit!

  • Flower Dragon

    Then why say it ?

  • Viking9

    You sure you’re not getting confused with Hastings?

  • truth

    There is a little truth behind this Eastbourne is full of smack heads,chavs and is very easy to get hold of drugs. But it’s not gang capital of England

  • Ching

    Whoever has said this must live somewhere else

  • Jenness Coyne

    WHAT A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS!!!!!!!! I’ve lived in Eastbourne all my life and also lived in many areas of the Bourne!!!! It’s like anywhere, they all have best and worst areas!!!!!!!! Ditch the massive bags of chips on both shoulders And travel the UK to really find the worst town!!!!!!!!!! GO ON I DOUBLE DARE YOU!!!!!!!

  • mattmatt

    Hahahahaha shinewater is posh and Langley is piece and quite i lived in shinewater my whole life and there has never been youths with guns more like spud guns haha just trying to make us all sound bad we help are olders even if dressed like thugs or what ever we help are community that’s all we do stand by each other 🙂

  • Ed

    There’s plenty of worse places to be I can assure you! Every town has it’s problems but my advice would be to stay away from Kingsmere, Langney and Shinewater if you don’t like them. Unless you live there, I can’t think of a reason you’d visit anyway.

    Sounds like someone got beaten up once and decided to write a bitter article!

  • Matt

    Doesn’t matter where you live everywheres the same and if it’s not yet it soon will be more people and less police over the whole country, I’ve lived in worse than Eastbourne and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else I love the town 😀

  • sarah jane

    Every town you go to will have people with drug problems/drink problems.. Its a quiet town compared to some towns move to another town then see if your still winging

  • Kerry Day-hewlett

    Eastbourne is a lovely place to live why don’t you move you sado

  • Mildred

    Wooooooooooooo I live there! Go Kingsmere massive. Lol no. I’ve lived in Eastbourne all my life and I can pretty much disagree with everything you have just said, there are the odd group of secondary school kids who like to go around and think they’re a gang, there is a minority of troublesome people but the rest of the town is mostly quiet and peaceful…

  • K.D

    I came down here from up north to get away from the mentality of which you speak. And the last poster was right, you are way off if you think it is bad here. Go up to Liverpool, Leeds Manchester and all the other large towns and cities. I have lived in most of them, been homeless in some of them too. I can promise you, this place is paradise by comparison. That, however, is not to say you are wrong about what goes on in these areas, but I can promise you, it is a mattewr of scale. Eastbourne is the most peaceful town I have ever lived in. And I intend to stay too, even if I have arrived at God’s Waiting Room a little early…

  • Spot on. I moved here from Hampshire a year ago and it is an utter sh*thole. The old town is nice and East Sussex is nice, but Eastbourne folk and completely f**king retarded. They drive like hooligans, don’t understand how roundabouts or indicators work and will happily stand in the middle or the road looking at the car that is now braking hard to avoid them. As I said, f**king morons. moving away with work in 2 months, thank god. Also, it seems to be the second capital of Poland. But should Eastbourne be singled out for special criticism? No. It is known as Little England Syndrome, most cities and towns in the UK are exactly the same. The only violence I have suffered is that offered by me to itinerant motorists and me punching 2 blokes in town that tried to walk into me on the seafront. Knobs, do not start something you can’t finish, cowards!!

    • gummybear

      sir, to say Eastbourne has a problem,yet you “punching” two men in town for trying to walk into you?? i believe you may be the problem, think about it….

    • Nick

      You sir are a prize twat

      • Couldn’t have said that better myself.

    • Sinkvenice

      You punched two people who tried to walk into you? A bit of an over reaction. And the people of Eastbourne aren’t all f*****g retarded. I happen to be a biomedical scientist thank you very much. You also think it’s a sh*t hole. Have you been to Meads, North Harbour, Wannock, Jevington or the areas surrounding the South Downs? You shouldn’t paint all people and all areas with the same brush. Perhaps you should check your comment for grammatical errors, then you’ll discover who’s truly a retarded moron.

    • I hate going to the town centre for the amount of chavs and inbreds on the street. Talk about genetic deficiencies. I was on a bus once and this chav had his feet across the seats blocking my way. I almost hit the son of a bitch. The sunshine coast with a twist.