Living in Darlington, County Durham
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Durham, North East, United Kingdom

A small market dwelling to big to be a village to small for a town.

A dwelling full of old men who still think there 20 but are closer to 50.

Woman who think the men are tough and hard because they can shout and swear in drink.

Nice men who just go about there business woman who work hard and enjoy a nice meal and drink on a weekend.

Well this is Darlington through the day its a time warp to men who still sit in the same pubs they have done for 20 years. Woman who go shopping then meet the men in the same pubs for the last 20 years.

Then there is the night time when Darlington really comes to life.

Nights out in Darlington consist of 3 drinking routes

i.e – old mans, middle aged, young and out of town,

1 – Old men still drink in places like the George, Hogans, Boot & Shoe, Nags Head.

2 – Middle aged men do a small crawl through – The Green Dragon, Yates, Witherspoons, Turks Head, Dukes ( Formerly Berties, Muse, ).

3 – Young and from Out of Town do the main strip – Yates , Dukes, Dragon, Inventor ( now Barex) , Flares, Humpries, Berlins,

Only one group dont understand Darlington and thats the outsiders who dont realise every pub they go in the doorman are watching not worried about them but worried about locals trying to cause trouble.

Darlington is not a welcoming place for strangers having lived there now for 8 years im still classed as a outsider mainly because i have slapped most of the so called hardmen and groups that frequent the town over a week night and weekend.

If we got rid of half the drunks in Darlington the place would be like Yarm for a night out people just out to enjoy themselves. But what we have is groups of people TOWNIES, CHAVS, PIKEYS, SQUADIES, to deal with.

This makes Darlington town centre on a weekend a battle zone.

There is a book at Catterick Garrisson telling the army boys which pubs not to go in and ones to stay clear of. I know because i have seen the book.

Now to add to the weekend mayhem we have tits in small cars driving around the one way system thinking there clever with load music and screaming from the cars you only expect one thing TROUBLE.

The place is now so bad on a weekend that its dying and the good people are now going to places away from the centre or having a get together at home.

The town could be lovely we just need to rid it of the scum.

The doorman are hated because we are all out of town people because you cant have s**t working to stop s**t in the pubs.

Last two years there as been a slow introduction of more drugs which brings more trouble.

Do yourself a favour and let us clean the place up bt while we do goto Yarm for a nightout or stay in with friends it will be safer.

As for all you TITs that read this and know im talking about you were watching and waiting and your time will come

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  • Stevie Dixon

    posted by anonymous, understandable as these comments are biased as they point to night life and don’t even mention day to day life, 8 yrs you say? what, sleeping daytime? Darlington is a market town, been here a long time, i’m no expert but i know the people are passionate, yes the night life gets gritty, stress has a habit of making people enjoy the escape and w*****s happen, squaddies love to come here so i guess it’s for their liking, fights happen but that’s NOT what Darlo is all about, it has history and yes travelers, love em or hate em they live here, they work and interact believe it or not, I’ve known personally many and they are like everyone else, nice people and not so nice people, you can’t pigeon hole individuals, last time i was out clubbing it was awesome, its a personal experience, someone might have got stabbed, drugs possibly dealt, people meet their love of their lives, get engaged, and many a person had an amazing time, life in this day isn’t safe anywhere in the wrong time/space/situation. As i mentioned i’m no expert, i don’t “do” the town on a night anymore as not my scene, plenty of people do and come home safe and sound and love it, If you’re going to give an account of a town, big or small, try to think about all area’s, negative and positive, Darlington has won Britain in bloom awards, been mentioned in the news only yesterday, I know people that have lived, worked and enjoyed this town all their lives, you disrespect this with your shallow representation of 8 yrs (as you say) as for hard men, i’d love to see you stand toe to toe with the “hard” men of Darlo, you obviously haven’t “met” them. 😉

  • Thinker1950

    Whilst I can understand the sentiments which experience of Darlington can have on the civilised soul, this little essay above is written in that which scarcely qualifies as English. It therefore, dissipates the thrust and effect of the effort.
    Oh, and if our northern incarceree (my own neologism) of this northern outpost thinks that 50 years of age qualifies as ‘old age’ then disillusionment awaits – and much sooner than he thinks!

  • alistair young

    hi i just saw this as i was thinking of somewhere to stay as i live in soft southern woking i have to come there and pick up a guitar i bought off e-bay seller wont send it the seller told me “to come up here! if your hard enough! you soft southern pussy!” so i guess i will just have to make a fleeting visit there im just glad i dont have to live like you in one of those dreadful northan “hard” drinking towns it reminds me of the film “dead mans shoes” still thats what makes Britain great towns like darlington

  • mat

    every town has fights you f**kin mug and u wont have slapped no1 coz you sound like a mongaloid who’s up his own arse. no1 cares if youve lived in darlo for 8 years if u dont like it f**k off 2 yarm u fag packet !

    • monkeyhanger38

      very true, well said! darlo is one big hemorrhoid on society. as for the charvs themselves, i can only have pity on these chaps,as a large percentage spend their lives supping white star and smoking their tabs whilst wondering if their parents are cousins or possibly twins…… hence the dumb attitudes they possess. 🙂

  • shaun mosley

    Squaddies go and f**k yourselves…hard..I’m sick slapping ya in Darlo and anywhere else ya set of tools….oh give me a gun because I can do nothing else which is what they do when they leave the army,craphats all of them.

  • Darlo… not a bad pace, its a f**king rad place, it’s a 12 pound fifty drink all ya can palce, where everybody dances when the band plays x

    ”i was a f**king squaddie, and be sure of this mate, if a squaddie was trying to pull your bird, it was because in her eyes she was saying “he has a small c**k, and i want a real man to pound my arse, come over here you big green wearing stud”.also, i used to spend most of my time, fighting, and beating c**ts like you….to weak to get into the army, so you develop a hatred of it”

    This guy is a bell… and the reason why young ladds are coming home with no f**king leggs.

  • CFer30

    simmo proves the case in a nutshell with his comment….obviously too stupid to get into any regular line of work, so he had to resort to sanctioned murder overseas as a squaddie lol. Probably bald head, tattoos, gold chains and comes from Essex…all in all, your dime-a-dozen chav with a gun bigger than his d**k (despite what he claims in his own delusional way).

    That sad thing is that these idiots genuinely believe that crap, my wife smashed a pint glass over a sailors head in Venice for pulling that greaseball sh*t last summer.

  • sam

    i cant believe your slagging off squaddies i am a female squaddie and they aint all bad and anyway we have been in iraq and afghan trying to protect w**kers like you. i have recently lost two of my mates and you have the cheek to call us scum. what have you ever done for this country. i bet you are one of those people who cant be arsed to get a job and are living off taxes yes the money i make goes to twats like you. and lastly if you think darlo is that bad why dont you move and do us all a favour and take your scanky mates wit you

  • simmo6108

    i was a f**king squaddie, and be sure of this mate, if a squaddie was trying to pull your bird, it was because in her eyes she was saying "he has a small c**k, and i want a real man to pound my arse, come over here you big green wearing stud".also, i used to spend most of my time, fighting, and beating c**ts like you….to weak to get into the army, so you develop a hatred of it

  • danny-b
    here mate, youre making out as if darlington is just a small f**king village packed with f**king idiots. Darlo is a decent sized town, and has a population of about 100,000 people. How can you compare it to yarm (a 1 street village/town) ?!? What do you expect will happen with thousands of people all out on the p*ss at once? Its the same as anywhere else you go, middlesbrough, newcastle, sunderland, or any other f**kin city or town you go to. Sounds like youre from the woolybacks mate, oblivious to whats going on in the outside world until you came here. Fights take place between squaddies and the locals because the clever c**ts think they can come here, thinking they own the place, and can pull any lass they want whether there boyfriend is stood other the other side of the pub/club or not, thus resulting in mass beatings for those camouflaged c**ts, yet they dont learn. Anyway apart from that everything is ok unless you go looking for trouble, same as anywhere. There is a big p***y polulation here but, again, youre only gonna get trouble if you go looking for it. So everybody reading this, please do come to Darlington, i promise i wont smash your f**king face in, unless you feel my girls arse or look at me funny. Oh, and also if youre a squaddie. I hate squaddies

    • monkeyhanger38

      f**k darlington. it’s a unique sh*thole with no redeeming qualities, and you have the locals to thank for that. vic reeves had the right idea and f**ked off early in his career. i wander why…..

  • onlyinothat

    Firstly Wheres Bar Ex? Humpreys is the Barrcuda and Berlins has been long gone!
    ive come to realise u cant no that much about the tits in darlo uve been chunterin about cos u seem to have missed loads of places where the so called townies etc go! not bein funny if u dont like the ppl in darlo or the place itself hows about u ferry yaself off to yarm! yeh theres scraps in town but what dya expect when alcohol is involved! only reason yarms a good night out is cos its full off ppl who sip wine from there gucci wine glasses n no one wud dare get there hair messed up! seen as ur not from here hows about u take ur 8 yrs uve lived here n stick it up ur jacksey. cos im sure ud get battered by all the “old” men as u put it. rarf!