Living in The Rhondda Fach

The Rhondda Fach – the valley that time forgot

People come here to see where they film Stella. All They'll see are empty cans of Stella Artois, full of piss littering popular beauty spots

Living in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales

Merthyr Tydfil – “No Vacancies”

If you've forgotten who you are, where you live & can hold your head high while drinking white cider, Merthyr Tydfil is the place for you.

Living in Abertillery, Wales

Abertillery: Welcome to The Valleys… of Hell!

A warning, don't come to Abertillery unless your ambition is to live in a complete slum!

Living in Bangor, Wales

Bangor: City of the Damned

Bangor: visiting for the pier (windy, wet, cold), the cathedral (small) or the Yates' (that allegedly smells of p*ss)? I'd advise against it

Living in the South Wales Valleys

The Welsh Valleys: Where sheep and man are equal

I think as a region, the South Wales Valleys are a strong contender for the worst part of the United Kingdom.