Living in the South Wales Valleys

The Welsh Valleys: Where sheep and man are equal

I think as a region, the South Wales Valleys are a strong contender for the worst part of the United Kingdom.

Worst place to live in Wales 2017 Poll

Worst place to live in Wales 2017 Poll

They keep a welcome in the hillside, other places, not so much. Vote for the worst godforsaken sh*thole in Wales 2017.

Living in Colwyn Bay, Wales

The dump that is Colwyn Bay

Colwyn Bay is a town that died years ago, nothing positive here, all very sad indeed.

Living in Lanybydder, Carmarthenshire

Llanybydder: it’s 20 years behind the rest of civilisation

Llanybydder had many pubs, only the rugby club is left, where steroid popping farmers and intellectually challenged boy racers allegedly go.

Living in Pontypool, Wales

Pontypool. There is no hope. Do not come.

Pontypool council, ever fearful of being trumped by Thatcher, decided to finish the job she started by systematically ripping the town apart