Living in Liverpool, Merseyside

Liverpool – More like Live-in-stool

Rows of empty houses are part of Liverpool's heritage. 100s of empty houses in a housing crisis yet nobody wants them. Says it all really.

Living in Wavertree, Liverpool

Wavertree, Liverpool: in recent years its gone down the pisser

Wavertree, Liverpool: Every shop front is shuttered up most of the time with broken windows. It's f*cking miserable.

Living in Bootle

Bootle – The Sh*thole of Merseyside

I'ts fair to say that nearly all of Merseyside is one colossal sh*thole. Bootle, 4 miles North of Liverpool, is the worst place there.

Living in Southport

Southport – At Least Blackpool Has A Selling Point

Don't bother coming to Southport, unless you like watching this generation's hopes and dreams get washed down the drainpipe.

Living in Southport

Sunny ‘Sh*thole’ Southport, the ugly face of this seaside town

The reality of this idyllic seaside town shows it's ugly face when you start going to the local clubs and pubs.