Living in Failsworth, Greater Manchester

Failsworth: a town of hard working individuals & lazy inbred pond life

KFC/Tesco Car parks have become a homing beacon for Failsworth's chavy offspring to congregate around when they are not at the Metro Stop.

Living in Sholver & Moorside, Oldham

Sholver, think of it as a giant category C prison built on a hill side

Sholver & Moorside: the views are good... to all the other parts of Greater Manchester where everyone would rather be.

Living in Leigh

Leigh, Greater Manchester, is in a time warp 15yrs behind normal life

The people of Leigh are a unique breed! Lazy, dirty and unemployed a lot of the time, the few who do work are ok and can be normal humans!

Living in Saddleworth

Saddleworth, home of the Mancunian ‘Yuppie’

The Yuppies pillaged the pleasant land of Saddleworth, creating artisan bakeries, designer shops, over-priced restaurants and wine bars.

Living in Droylsden

Droylsden – Another Fine Mess

Come traveller, take my hand as I drag you along through the dismal suburban winnit that is Droylsden.