Living in Thetford, Norfolk

Thetford – An optimists guide

I have lived in this town all my life, & although I can say it is not the best place to visit in Norfolk, it's definitely not the worst.

Gayton, Norfolk, Property Guide

Gayton, Norfolk

The looks we were receiving off of the low class people were intimidating and frankly, dangerous.

Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, Property Guide

Pretty Far from ‘Great’ Yarmouth

Great Yarmouth: a new assessment of this poor wretch of a town and its ugly sister, Lowestoft.

Downham Market

Downham Market

From the ex-cons living in the flats overlooking the train tracks, to the drug dens up the Retreat Estate, here in Downham (referred to by it's Cockney and Essex population as Daaahhnum) we have many

Downham Market

Downham Market

Ive lived here all my life and I hate it TBH.

I'll go forward in time order.

During my childhood (I'm now 18 with no GCSEs by the way) I was thretend to death 3 times. twice by the