Living in Castleford
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The proud products of a society built on the collapse of the mining industry and the welfare state, the chavs of Castleford adorn street corners like monuments to a town that was built up by their grandparents and subsequently destroyed by the next two generations. In a town where everybody is a blood relative of the person next to them, you have to wonder whether the essence of chavdom stems from bad breeding, or in the case of Castleford, possible interbreeding.

The actual chavs of Castleford (or ‘Cas’ as it’s better known by its inhabitants) are nothing special, Tracksuits, Vauxhall SRIs, girlfriends with Argos jewellery etc; no, what marks Cas out as chav central is the proportion of residents who are actually chav. Recent highly scientific research (namely walking down the high street) points to one in three inhabitants below the age of 30 fitting neatly into the chav box. Castleford is the chav capital of the North, the people there are awful: petty crime, heroin, large exhaust pipes and a trip to the Job Centre every other Tuesday (though not to look for work, obviously) and a bottle of White Lightening.

The people of Cas have all they need for day to day chav life: Burger King, Elizabeth Duke, Supercigs and Cash Converters (ideal for allegedly offloading that stolen X-Box.) A trip to Castleford is a real eye opener, and you need to keep your eyes open because, if you dared to close them, they’d have your wallet faster than you could say ‘XR3i.’

I mean who wouldn’t want to smell weed as soon as you wake up? Many of the inhabitants speak slang that only they understand like ‘mate’ or ‘slag’ which is an insult in may ways. Broken windows are often about due to high crime levels. Many of the residents in Cas are pregnant by the age of 14!

Hardly, any shops are about so they are forced to wear fake Nikes etc. However, there is the exception of Castleford Tigers which is one of the towns only credit. Many people are on the dole as there are barely any jobs about. Why should you come to Cas? Well…you shouldn’t!

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  • Jake Goodwhin

    I too stumbled across this post looking for amount of households in Castleford and I have to say it is an utter SH**EHOLE every one is trying to “tax” each other 24/7 weather it be the junkies or the “chav” population which yes is a good 85% of Castleford robbing local business slandering other people just for the laugh you certain can not take anything out in town for fear of it getting robbed off you and God help you if you dress smartly my gosh it’s like you have the plague. There’s a saying I’ve heard more and more and that your not having a good night out in Castleford unless you come back without a black eye or an STI/STD that alone sums up Castleford. When Castleford’s elderly population decease and good company’s like marks and spencer die then there’s nothing left for Castleford anymore apart from the local job centre. All the shops are slowly closing one by one because there is hardly any one with skills nessasery to fill them and the people that do have relevant skills would certainly not work in Castleford and work else where as they would not just get paid more but also get dignity and respect from the population. I’m sorry to say but Castleford is a goner good night Vienna Castleford.

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  • X,WHY,Y MAN.

    The only thing i would say about Castleford is when are they going to get a new stadium ?
    That place is a death trap and that main stand of theirs is laughable, There are country barns that are in better condition !
    I think it’s named “The Mend A Hose Jungle” at this moment in time but why don’t they call it “The Shanty” or better still “The Favela” !

  • Ama chav merttttt

    Hahaha, oh dear, this is very pathetic, not all of Castleford are chavs, I’m not a chav, I am far from a chav, this is just stereotypical, to me a chav is someone who has fake brand clothing with fake Nike airs, not someone who can actually afford real named brands. I have lived in the Airdeale , Castleford all of my life, I am at college, studying to be a midwife… Yeah all right there are quite a few chavs, but they aren’t just in Castleford, they are all over the earth, so you can bad mouth Cas as much as you like. You obviously haven’t tried the three bang, or the lambrini have you? Oh deary me…

  • Jade louise

    Ive lived in airedale/castleford most of my life and ime no chav! I dont own a pair of joggers or trainers or what ever chavs wear. Yeah i mist admit most people are chavs in castleford and all you can do is write bad things about chavs and castleford, what about the handfull of people who live their lives day to day like normal people, do you praise them or write good things about them? No! This article is just something for peopleto banter about. Why dont you try talking about the positives for once! It wouldnt kill you to do so. By the way, try going to warrick! Never mind castleford! Castleford is like buckinham palace compared to that estate. Go pick on a town thats actually worth picking on!

    • Mark

      If its not that bad you would know how to spell. Lol
      I know the area and it’s a dump.

  • phil

    What a complete idiot, get a life.

  • jay

    i have lived in castleford all my life. i am a well educated person with a job. every town has ‘chavs’ and i am appalled at some of the things i have just seen. i personally don’t know any ‘inbreds’ so the town isnt riddles with them. yeah not going to lie you walk down street and there’s a chav on his bicycle with a pack of special brew but the majority of people from castleford are nothing like how we are been portrayed!

  • Becca

    I have lived in Castleford my whole life, it’s no where near as bad as places down south! Everyone seems to think that cos we’re in Yorkshire, we’re all illiterate retards! Oh, and by the way, no-one in Castleford is inbred. Some parts of Cas are scruffy, but mostly it is a lovely place to live. And not everyone in Cas is a chav. And please don’t insult coal-mining, basically my whole family has done it and my dad still does. That is all.

  • London

    Get yourself to Brixton (for those of you that don’t know where that is it’s in south west London) – that’s a real eye opener. Cas has nothing on that place. At least the majority of Castleford’s population try to speak English.

  • anon

    well, sure says something about all you commenting and slagging off airedale, if its so bad why were you there in the first place, and if your life’s so good why do you care. jeez, grow up and stop writing stupid crap over the internet.

  • unknown

    lets put it this way, live there for a two years i.e (airedale)
    it has it good points (The retired population seems nice) and has a lot of negative. I mean if you are from a ethical background your life would be hell living there. Kids from the street would just randomly call you name and threaten you with violence. Most of the parents dont give a damn about what their kids get up to at night. throw stones and eggs at people house for fun. When i was study at airedale high…certain part of the school got burnt down twice (if i remember correctly it was in 2003). Half the pupils didn’t want to be their, disrupt the class at every opportunity (they only go becoz there mums and dad had enough of going to court). Luckily it didn’t effect me too much as i left the sh*t hole straight after high school. BIG Relief….two years in that place have made me realise i need to work even harder at uni to never ever go back to these places.

  • chloe

    Cas, chav town? maybe so although if you walk around the streets to find the chavs this would amount to a low populaion against those that do not wonder streets and lead normal day to day lives HAPPILY in castleford. As for the job centre comment i do agree this is generally packed with chavs and mums of 8 kids however isnt every job centre and us working folk support them! I am a loud and proud cas lover always have been and always will be yeah it has it down sides but hey castleford has brought us henry moore!

    • Ferry Fryston

      LOL castleford has brought us Viv Nicholson

  • Original_Author

    Yeah, but, no, but, Cas born and bred meeeeeee. Five years on and the c**t hole is even worse than it was then. Smack addled, highly flammable f**kweeds. Even Wilkinsons has closed down now, suppose anywhere dealing in such luxury goods was destined to fail… Blow it off the map, and all the Tyrones and Chantelles that live there. Sick of all the phantom cripples tossing around in their motability cars, the f**king slags with their eight kids, whoosh of bingo wings as them slap them about for not eating their Greggs jam tarts.

    Genuine comment from Castleford chav mum: ‘Chantissa, drink your Tango, it’s one of your five a day.’