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Since i was about 13, chavs have destroyed the neighbourhood that i grew up in. I grew up in Harris Avenue, Rumney, Cardiff.

What once was a normal street, with green trees, and a park to the back of the house, with kids playing has turned into a refuge of chav scum, with the only solution being battery acid and / or a shotgun to their faces.

Every single day, chavs are outside the park, “dissin me nan” and everyone else going past. They ride their dirt bikes up and down the park daily, especially in the summer.

The police are scared to even go down the street, the attitude problems have got so bad, that the only way to escape is to sell up, and move to a smaller house in a better area, if you can afford to.

Some misinformed people think that chavs are just normal working class people, who are demonised. WRONG. i am working class, proud of it, but you dont see me going around, beating women up, shouting at people randomly, taking drugs or driving cars and bikes down the street at 80mph.

the only solution is to lock these bastards away

  • Els

    No offence but you’re all morons! I also grew up in Harris avenue an remember the quiet times it only got bad when Trowbridge moor housing estate was built opersit the college but like anything it has changed with time an has gone fairly quiet again! Not like when I was a young kid but quiet to what it was! An if Gary would like to say his full name I could prob tell you if he was bullied like a little bitch

  • vic

    he is saying this about every town the nerdy lil b*tch… i expect he is a lil geek that was bullied at school

  • Darren

    Nah the mans right battery acid and shot guns, I worked for years in drug services and social care and over the years i pretty mutch saw it all. they are just nasty little f**ks who realy need to meet the final solution.

    • Rosemary

      All Chavs are faggy c*nts. I see the chav lads buggering each other all day on the streets of cardiff council estates, and prostituting themselves out to dirty irish gypos on a regular basis.

  • Mart

    John, your the kind of common twat who is as blind as the others who have a similar view, so it is ok to mouth off to innoccent people becuase the GOVERNMENT let them down, people getting on with their own business is it? Threaten them, beat people up, NO IT goddam is not ok, they should not have existed and there very DNA demonstrates they are waiting for handouts as apposed to getting up and doing something about it themselves, evolution would have delt with this via natural selection but human rights prevents chavscum like this being removed from the gene-pool only to create even dumber beings….”beings, because they simply are not human, something else”.

    Chav loving twats…..go hide your head in the sand as usual or live in such a place!!!

  • John

    You say…”Some misinformed people think that chavs are just normal working class people, who are demonised.”

    There is a reason that people think that. When working class communities all over Britain lost their places of employment: Pits, docks, factories all these working class communities suddenly became full of unemployed people. They didn’t know what to do. Their pride was smashed. Their wives divorced them because they were hanging around the house uselessly all day. Their children had no prospects. All there was for them was part time work or nothing. Is it any surprise that many of these poor sods gave up on life? It’s their children hanging around your park because they have NOTHING ELSE TO DO! it’s their children riding their dirtbikes around because it’s one of the few things in life that gives them a laugh for a bit and allows them to forget how empty their lives are. They “diss” your nan and everyone else going past because the country has given up on them and has labelled them forever as useless chavs bastards who need locking away. How would you like to be labelled by posh twats who have no idea about your life? What would you do if you couldn’t get work and the TV kept saying you were a scrounger?

    Have some compassion for the people in your community. Theymightget on your nerves but you’ve got more in commen with them than with the middle/upper class bastards who made them what they are.

    • Name

      What a middle class viewpoint.
      there is no excuse for being violent, or being disrespectful, just because you dont have a job.
      they are losers. end of.