Living in Bury St Edmunds
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Bury St Edmunds, a lovely floral town in the heart of East Anglia. Whooooa! Lets stop right there shall we!

Over the years Bury St Edmunds has seemed to have spawned a large community of Chavs. Mainly from one of Bury’s lovely council estates complete with Satellite Dishes and clapped out Ford Focus SRI.

The chavs main areas to hang around are, firstly the traditional for any Chav town is outside McDonalds. They also hang out outside Sports Direct on that square thingy, giving abuse to anyone that walks past.

Market Days on Wednesday and Saturday you will see the chavs out in force snapping up shitty clothes on the market and buying counterfeit gold off the many cowboy stallholders in addition to seeing what Elizabeth Duke has brought out at Argos.

They will then retreat to the Abbey Gardens with a bottle of White Lightning and get drunk in the old abbey ruins.

Another quality hangout is outside the college, where numerous Chavs do mechanic or bricklaying courses, as they quit school at 15 and risk having their dole stopped if they don’t do a course or god forbid get a job!

Those that do have jobs are usually in the chicken factory or some office job paying minimum wage.

They can also be found in the cattle market car park, revving up their 12 year old Corsas . Failing that go down the local s**t hole club, Brazilias, on a Friday night and they will be out in force!

There’s one thing worse than a chav…. a chav with a Suffolk accent!


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  • Jess

    I have never read anything as utterly tasteless, ill-informed, or uneducated as this.

  • Ann-marie Kennard

    I almost fell off my chair laughing at the silly comments about bury and the priors estate. Let me tell you, i was born on the priors in 1965, i have a masters degree, my two children were born on the priors estate, 1982 and 1984, one has gone on to study computer science and holds two jobs, one programming, the other writing programs’ to point satellites; the other offspring is running around LA California working in movies after studying media. However, i also live along side people who have no qualifications but are productive members of society, and others who are the most down to earth people you will ever meet.
    Tell me, where in the world can you walk to asda at 2am across town and not be scared, walk dogs along the river at 11pm and not be scared. I work in cambridge and see crime and hassle, i come home to bury and feel like im in a village. Where does this person get their info. The priors was one of the first of the towns council estates in the very early years, it was built in the early 1930’s it was called hill sixty. I know this as my parents and grandparents were here before me. All of which worked hard and paid their way. Where would i prefer to live in bury? the priors. I can walk the dogs in my pjs late at night, i can ask many people to look in on my home when i am away, i can ask anyone for a helping hand. I can tell you also, on Halloween when there are children galore they are the most polite of youngsters. I have seen children of the children grow up, they are just super and their parents must be proud. The other estates, some of which were built to house the london over-spill, are too large. The priors is tiny. You can shout from one end of it to the other. As for chavs (what ever they are) does this refer to the young people who sit on the towns benches on saturdays? so what? they also sit down the park, they arent doing anything wrong, they arent drunks or loutish; what is loutish however, is the derogatory comments made by someone who clearly is small minded and thoughtless.

  • hannah

    yea this is rubbish all the “chavs” in bury are about 14… i was looking around at supposed chavtowns to help chose which uni to go to and after this review of bury im alot less concerned by comments about other places. there are chavs, as there is everywhere but they dont cause problems in bury. unless your wandering the priors at night perhaps

    • Ramon Battershall

      Bollocks, I’m a Middle class history graduate who lived on Priors estate for 10 years and always felt safe – it’s only the idiots who cause trouble who get hurt; unlike the town center which is full of fools who get brave after 7 pints of Stella

      • katherine

        Here here! I live on the Priors Estate, Brockesby Walk and there are many lovely, intelligent and warm people who are my neighbours. There are of course a few people who I would rather avoid but where isnt there nowadays? I think it incredibly juvenile and ignorant to make judgements about people and places and I wonder if ‘anonymous’ has actually spent any time really looking without assuming…

  • kiwi709

    This article is pure sh*te nothing in here is true at all. it must be 1 of the safest places in england to live. hardly ever see chavs at all.
    whoever wrote this has clearly never seen bury st eds proplerly.

  • Pell

    i live in bury and go to county upper school. The number of chavs in the school has increased and one of my friends has fallen into there clutches! i thought it a wise move to go to the collage instead but on noticing the about of chavs the hang out side and go there i will have to think again. Is there no where in this crappy town where i can get away from them!

    whats the difference between chavs and marmite? somepeople like marmite!

  • thebritboylangers

    Sounds pretty bad. Novas and Corsas. Man do I look forward to thrashing some gary boy egos and a decent car. Mini Cooper S Works!!!. Or better!!!! A diesel!!!!!