Living in Buckhurst Hill, Essex
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in East Anglia, Essex, United Kingdom

Contrary to the rather eloquent and optimistic appraisal of Buckhurst Hill that I’ve just read, I’d like to right a few wrongs.

Buckhurst Hill is the home of the affluent chav, that being the ‘chav done good’ who has managed to scale the social ladder and now owns a 3 bed semi somewhere on the border of London/Essex. Features of the affluent chav are;

  • A slightly higher grade (although equally tacky) designer goods, purchased from one of the many overpriced Boutiques on Buckhurst Hill High Street
  • A petrol guzzling motor, blaring out R&B or local radio
  • A slight paunch from all the food purchased in Buckhurst Hills only supermarket Waitrose ( and don’t get me started on bloody Waitrose, expensive, upper class wannabe sh*thole of a supermarket…)

Of course expect the chavs manna’ to be decorated by a couple of satellite dishes, and the occasional St Georges cross ( EN-GER-LAND, no surrender to the IRA…etc etc )

Every affluent Chav will have his Chavette, who will be seen dragging their miserable offspring around town, from Nail salon to tanning shop, chastising the little angels with the occasional slap or mouthful of foul language. Usual motor for the affluent chavette mum is an over-sized people carrier or 4 wheel drive vehicle, driven in a hazardous manner.

Now, there is only one place to be seen in Buckhurst Hill, which is of course the world famous Blue Monday’s Bar, where every night of the week you will be treated to a chav soap opera of the highest quality. Forget Eastenders, as this is truly as good as it gets! The first thing one notices is the overpowering stench of perfume from the scantily clad chavette wives, and then the paunchy chavs bedecked in Sherman, Polo and Moschino. Conversation will usually consist of ” How’s the plumbing business going…. When’s the next baby due….if it’s a girl we’ll call her Shakira… and so on.

Always look out for the possibility of a skirmish, of the variety “Hold me back hold me back..” where no punches are thrown but both protagonists want to save face by being held back.

In conclusion, Buckhurst Hill Chavs are not so different from you’re average chav, except for the fact that they have money to burn, and can greatly enhance their original god given chavness by spending power.

  • No Thank

    Waitrose isn’t even expensive you lidl-shopping pleb

  • House seeker

    This is a very unfair and subject view of buckhurst hill. Can we have one that is more object with statistics and all that. and get this unfair description off. We need to make objective decisions not one based of someones hate

  • Miss Knicker leg


  • Resident

    I think you have Buckhurst Hill mixed up with Loughton or Debden? It is a very rare occurrence to actually see a chav in Buckhurst Hill and even when you do, they actually live in Buckhurst Hill, they’ve just wandered over with their high minds not having a clue where they’re going. Believe me, Buckhurst Hill is not full of chavs.

    • Resident

      *They don’t live in Buckhurst Hill

  • Naomi.L

    Have you ever heard of the saying dont judge a book my its cover!!! clearly the person who has written this has not been to buckhurst hill. i live here and it is a beautiful place. it is right on the edge of london so you have all the benifits on london right at your doorstep but it also has the forest surrounding it. yes there may a tanning salon and a nail bar but doesnt even town have something like that. and not EVERYONE has money to burn!!! most of the people are middle class and work hard t support their families.

  • ElizabethMackintosh

    The person who has written this review has obviously got a problem with not the place, but possibly somebody living here,or maybe they are just jealous.
    Because I’ve lived in Buckhurst Hill, perhaps all my life,and it is the most beautiful place, the only places better to live in the UK than Buckhurst Hill is maybe in Salcombe, Devon. From food shop Waitrose to clothes boutique, Virgo, it boasts what I believe is the best vets in the area and although I do not embrace the lower parts (a park and fields known locally as the ‘spider park’, we are proud of ‘Linder’s Field’ and the Epping forest leading into Loughton, but by far the best forest/walks are in Knighton Wood.
    With one of the best primary school’s in england, and a number of private schools.
    FYI juicy couture tracksuits/burberry are not popular here, I agree that there are ‘chavs/wanabees’ and people with more money than sense in essex, but most of the people in buckhurst hill are clever, hard-working with money.

    • em


      Could you let me know where exactly is ‘spider park’. Is it north or south of the station.


  • Michelle McDouglas

    Well, This is complete and utter nonsense, my friend showed me the comments made on Buckhurst Hill + Loughton and I was shocked, even Chigwell boasts houses up to £10 million even though it also has a small village called Limes Farm which is filled with foreigners in council estates.
    But nonetheless your comments on Buckhurst Hill have offended me as I’ve lived in Buckhurst Hill since I’ve been married (20 years) and its nothing of what you speak, no one that I know in Buckhurst Hill has a horrid house, no one that I know wears chavy clothes or etc…
    Its a beautiful town surround with forests and beautiful quaint shops.
    Where on earth do you live because there is absolutely nothing ‘Chavy’ about Buckhurst Hill.

  • tommy benfield

    When I read the comments on Buckhurst Hill I had to check if it was the same Buckhurst Hill that I live in! In my opinion this is a brilliant place to live and I wish I had moved here years ago. As for Chavs I would like the critics to show me where they are? All the young women I see on a daily basis are well behaved and respectable and as for using obscene language I have never witnessed it. And why criticise Waitrose? The place is spotless, has a Manager who will listen and respond to any criticism and the people on the tills are respectful. As for prices, they operate a comparison system whereby the majority of prices are linked to other supermarket chains, so their prices are not exhorbitant. It is also worth noting that Waitrose won the ‘supermarket of the year’ award 2010 so it cannot be that bad according to the majority of the public. ‘Blue Monday’ has been closed for a long time and most of the trouble was caused by ‘outsiders’ travelling in. There is not an abundance of council blocks and the majority of them are tenanted by elderly people. It is wrong therefore to give the impression that these are low grade blocks inhabitated by chavs because they are not. My view is that this is a great area and those who criticise it are not being fair. The crime figure is very low and this certainly wouldn’t be the case if it was ‘chav town’. Buckhurst Hill is a lovely little Town and I am proud to live here. It is a good community and if others cannot appreciate that, it may be that it is they who have the problem and not the area. Tom Benfield.

  • Resident

    I grew up in Chingford and went off to University in Oxford, got a job as a scientist in central London and didn’t want to move back to Chingford as I think it has gone down dramatically. So I moved to Buckhurst Hill, just round the corner. I think it’s quite pleasant when you conpare it to other places such as Debden, or even Loughton, not to mention Harlow. But the truth of the matter is it’s way this country is run – breeding chavs and scumbags, that is the cause of the downfall of every town in the UK. Chavs are seeping in everywhere, and it’s just unfortunate that the few around Buckhurst Hill are chavs with Money. But I feel a LOT safer in Buckhurst Hill than any of the surrounding towns. I just want to let you know that there is at least two people in Buckhurst Hill (my boyfriend and I) that work hard for a living, have never been on benefits, are not rich, don’t drive around in 4x4s, don’t shop in Waitrose, don’t go to Blue Monday’s, don’t have any children (we want to get married first) and just want to get on with our lives happily. It’s not that bad…

  • East London = S******e

    FINALLY, someone agrees with me!
    The chavs seem to think that once they get enough money (through claiming benefits, selling themselves for a shag, or going on reality tv shows) they will no longer be chavs. Wrong!
    I hate the rich chavs as much as the poor chavs. They drive (or try to drive) around in their pathetic BMWs or Range Rovers, with their massive sunglasses on. And if anyone ever says they are a chav, they always reply with a nice ‘I ain’t a f**kin chav u c**t’. A sentence which just proves that they are indeed chavs. Loughton is just as bad as Buckhurst Hill. They are in fact nice areas, and I have lived here all my life, but most of the people are dirty rich/poor chavvy scum, I can’t wait to move out the area!

    Also, don’t forget not all of Buckhurst Hill is ‘nice’. Just cross the railway tracks, and you will find council house after council house.

  • JohnnyG

    Nice summary there mate, you got Blue Monday down to a “T”, if only you mentioned the local bouncer who seems to be commiting more crime then preventing trouble.

    Still, great summary, keep up the good work.