Living in Bedford, Bedfordshire
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Imagine living in a perpetual state of fear and apprehension. Imagine every Lodis and Costcutter has a gang of 14-21 year old mixed race hoodies standing guard at the doors, making gun signs with their fingers, whilst showing the rear end of their boxer shorts to all and sundry. Imagine every walk down any pavement is an assault course of buggy’s loaded with LIDL’s bags, driven by angry (SO angry) faced ‘girls’ with a half smoked B&H (silver) dangling from there lips.

Welcome to Bedford.

From my second storey Bedford Bedroom I heard a live version of the ‘Jeremy Kyle’ show being played out for the benefit of me and my neighbours at 02:26, this morning. Our principal players were Lewis, Aiden and an unnamed female. All were about 18.

Lewis (apparently) doesn’t care if his girlfriend ‘gets f*cked by some bald guy’ because she’s a ‘F*CKING WHOOOOOOOOORE!’. Aiden, meanwhile, is trying to calm Lewis down with ‘a burn’.

Aiden doesn’t think ‘she should play him like that’ but she doesn’t think Lewis should’ve ‘done him in’ (does this mean murder!?) Apparently, Aiden tried his best to ‘hold him back’. *Lewis has exited stage left for a kebab*

No-name-female has been left on her own to cry, as Aiden has followed Lewis to the kebab shop. (Gay liaison..? No.) Now the loud black men have gone, my neighbour shouts at her to ‘have some more respect’. She just weeps and suckles her (blue) WKD.

This, or something like this happens every Thursday/Friday and Saturday. There are (usually) two men to every girl. Lot’s of throaty shouting. Slang terms I can barely figure out.

It’s never ending.

It’s hell.

  • banny

    i think ww3s comeing get them in the army f**k them of hopefully they wont come back

  • From near Bedford

    Just to add another comment. I personally think that Bedford is positively tame compared to some places mentioned on here I’ve lived in or been to. Having said that, apart from my daily drive to the train station and the very occasional trip to my doctor, I have to say that I always try my very best to avoid any unnecessary trips into Bedford.

    Last point. Is there actually ANYWHERE in the UK now where you can’t find at least something reminiscent of everything else written on this site? Unless you live in a hamlet of 6 houses in the middle of the Yorkshire Moors maybe, otherwise the answer is probably no. I lived in Bath for quite a few years – even Bath has enough of its fair share of this chav scum culture for god’s sake. Thanks for that then New Labour. Thirteen years of statist nannying has created this dependency culture, now we are left with a country which is fast becoming, and already largely is, a highly undesirable place to live.

    • Rufus

      Yet another idiot who knows no history. In what you presumably regard as the Golden Age, 100+ years ago when income tax was 1% and it was work or starve (and often work *and* starve), there were places police wouldn’t go except in twos, places where child thieves would strip you of all you owned and often your clothes with it, places where cheap drink meant Saturday night was smashed windows and domestic violence night. And yes, proportionately it was JUST AS BAD AS NOW. Those are the facts, matey.
      Nothing changes, blaming it on the ‘Nanny State’ may make you ill-educated Daily Mail readers feel better, but it reveals just how little you know.

  • From near Bedford

    @From Hull. What is your point? Clearly you are saying that the author is a racist because he/she is pointing out, well, how can I put it, the facts? Should he/she have said ‘dual heritage’ to be a bit more PC? Or should it not have even been mentioned because the colour of their skin should make no difference, or whatever?

    A lot of people are frankly bored now of not mentioning the various elephants in this particular room called the UK. One of which is that what would appear to be an overwhelmingly disproportionate percentage of mixed race children suffer from broken families and don’t do anywhere near as well as their non mixed race peers, and just end up on the street as faux gangsta rappers. Of course there are exceptions, but let me make a simple point.

    I have been working for roughly 25 years now. Half of that has been in shortish term contracts, so I’ve moved around quite a bit and I’ve worked in some of the UK’s biggest companies. In all that time, I’m afraid I can’t recall one single ‘mixed race’ person I have worked with in either a middle or senior level position. Plenty of black and Asian people – the department I’m in now has one first generation Indian woman, one second generation Anglo Indian man, one second generation Anglo Pakistani woman and one ?th generation Anglo African man. That’s half the department.

    At lunchtime I will go out (in London) and I will pass the youff hoody gangs who will be 40-60% mixed race, 30-50% black and maybe a few token whites. I know this because I see it every day.

    Maybe the mention of the phrase ‘mixed race’ only stands out to you? Maybe to other people it is just a statement of fact and a reflection that the idealistic multi-kulti land we are supposed to live in has actually failed this specific section of the population. Don’t be so quick to judge and partronize people for simply telling it as it is.

  • From Hull

    What stands out is when you mention “mixed race” as if it has some kind of meaning. Makes me wonder who the real villain of this little piece is.

  • Jon

    Bedford is definitely a Mecca for chavs. The nearby Milton Keynes is also REALLY bad for chavs.